Nvidia Shield nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I am thinking about purchasing NVidia Shield. Just wondering does the voice search work with Tablo interface?.For example if I say family feud will it go to channel the feud is on?

@ncwaterman No, they haven’t integrated into the Universal Voice Search on Android TV yet. However, if you go into the Tablo app, you might be able to use your voice instead of typing. I’ll give it a try. Tablo is an absolute pleasure to use on the Shield, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

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Thank You!

Amazon is having a sale on them $25 off plus the remote is included for free.

16 GB model

500 GB model

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Alright I purchased the Shield!!!

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Let us know what you think!

I sure will. looks like amazon quit the $174 remote included deal?I made it just in time!!!

That was a sweet deal. I have a coupon for $50 off on NVIDIA’s site with the $50 remote included as well! I’m almost considering buying another. If anyone else wants it let me know.

Should be receiving the shield tomorrow,I will give you my opinion after testing for a bit…

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Alright as of now I am loving the speed of the Shield, I am debating on getting another one with the new Black Friday deal for $150.

It’s insane how fast and smooth the Shield TV is, fastest device I have ever used.

I’m also considering replacing my Nexus Player with another one.

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The more I play with it the more I like it! I will purchase another unit tomorrow for $150 special.Thank you for your input getcashmoney, I really am enjoying the Nvidia Shield.

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I just sold my Nexus Player to get another Shield TV tomorrow as well! I can’t help myself - it’s too good of a deal.

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The Shield tv rocks. I just wish Vudu, WatchESPN and Amazon Instant Video were available.

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Right now gamestop.com has the shield for $149.99 add a remote and the price comes off the total at checkout. I’m debating the purchase myself.

Best Buy also has the same deal available for store pickup as soon as today.

If you wait until Monday, Amazon, Newegg, and NVIDIA’s store will have the same deal.

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Done deal ! I ordered second Shield from Best Buy.The best buy where I live doesn’t have it in stock,I will need to wait until Dec 4th…Good things come to those who wait !!!

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Wow ! The more I use this the more I like it.

I am going to add another player. Now have three roku’s. Since I do not need game playing ability,is there rationale to buy Nvidia Shield rather than the lower cost Nexus Player?
Is the Amazon Fire TV inferior to both?