Nvidia Shield Failed to Connect (2020)

Tablo routinely drops out on my Nvidia Shield (purchased 2018). It works fine with my Roku and never drops out. I’ve tried altering the resolution settings but that doesn’t seem to change anything. There’s also no internal network congestion that would cause the issue. Thoughts?

Where is everything located in relation to each other? Are any of them on ethernet, or are they all wifi? If on wifi, how far away from the router are they? We need at least that info in order to help.

Thank you. It’s all over WiFi. I’ve tried it in it’s current position (in garage with Nvidia Shield in the next room over through a wall) as well as directly next to each other as a test. They both work for a while but end up dropping out. It doesn’t drop out when using a Roku TV instead of the Shield. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Are you saying that your Tablo is in the garage? Where is your router in relation to your Tablo, Shield and Roku TV? It’s possible that your Shield is using a different WiFi frequency than your Roku TV. The 2.4 GHz band is slower, but can go farther. The 5 GHz band is faster, but is more limited on it’s range. It is also possible that your nVidia Shield WiFi antenna isn’t as sensitive as your Roku TV

Is there any way to connect things by ethernet cable? there are companys that sell moulding and baseboard that has a trace run for cables and power cords. That is how I ran speaker wire through our last house. I just poked a hole near the floor where the baseboard was going to be to feed between rooms and that way it’s not visible. (Actually, I made my own baseboards since I was remodeling and wanted to do as much myself as possible.)

Thank you. Not really a great option for how things are configured. It’s frustrating that it doesn’t work, but it just makes me connect a Roku instead (which creates other issues, but that’s my own thing). Just wanted to see if others had similar issues-or had a perfect connection with Nvidia shield. Appreciate the help!

We have the OG Shield TV from 2015. I can’t say we’ve ever had any type of consistent failure to connect messages with the Tablo app. Granted, it has been connected via ethernet the entire time and our Tablo is connected via ethernet as well so that provides a level of stability that isn’t always available with the variables of WiFi.

Having said that, the Shield TV is finally starting to show it’s age a bit and we were intrigued with the new Google TV UI so we’ve actually switched to the new Chromecast with Google TV as the primary device for both of our TVs. As a result, they are connected via WiFi right now since you have to buy additional hardware to get ethernet capability.

I mention that to say we haven’t had any connection failures with the new Chromecasts either. Things may take just a little longer to buffer compared to being connected via ethernet but it isn’t enough for us to even think about dropping the money for ethernet adapters at this point.