Nvidia Shield Errors in Live TV and Recordings

Greetings all, I just started seeing this problem today. I have two Tablo Devices [Tablo 4-Tuner Over-The-Air DVR] (firmware 2.2.26) and they are installed at different locations. Both have been performing great. Today, I am seeing the same problem on both devices. There are no longer any Live TV channels and only some of the Recordings are showing up. This is happening today on both devices at different locations. I use Nvidia Shields to access the Tablos. When I access the Tablos via the Web Interface, everything is working properly.

If I use the Tablo Preview App on the Nvidia Shield / Android TV, everything appears to be working fine. Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?

Nvidia Shield 2017 firmware / Android TV SW Version: 7.2.3 (
Tablo 4-Tuner Over-The-Air DVR firmware: 2.2.26
HTML Application: 1.7.1 build 30004960 [201904161024]

Additionally, I just noticed that Active Channels in Settings is blank. I have refreshed the Channel Lineup and reloaded the guide. But, this did not help.

I assume that since both the WEB and Preview app are working you are talking about the orginal tablo app. And if so it is HTML based. Which means it’s cloud based.

Today tablo pushed out a cloud update for the WEBOS problem. Maybe it has some side affect for original tablo app on Nvidia Shield.

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Thanks for that information. That makes sense. So, this means the original Tablo app won’t be working. Unfortunately, that’s the app I use to connect to my remote Tablo. But, thanks for clarifying this problem. Hopefully, Tablo will correct the problem.

Versions of the Apps on Nvidia Shield:
Tablo v1.7.1 Apr 16, 2019
Tablo Preview v1.7 Apr 10, 2019

It is possible the data stored on the Shield in the OG Tablo app is corrupt. Delete the app, reboot the Shield, then install the app again. This will do a fresh / new sync with the Tablo in the OG app.


While they’re related code bases, the update for the LG app could not have affected the OG app for Fire TV.

This is a much more likely scenario which is one of the reasons we’re moving away from syncing-style apps, although be aware that you will erase the pairing data with the remote Tablo by doing this.

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That’s pretty funny. In the 5 years that I’ve used the product there have been numerous times the HTML products data has been fine at 11 PM PDT. You wake up and guess what there is a problem.

For years the standard solution has been to delete the unit and it’s data/cache. That’s a lot easier then tracking down the issue.

Maybe that’s why I stopped using the HTML products.

I verified on another Nvidia Shield and older Nexus Player that the access to the Tablos is working without a problem. So, it does seem that the data on this particular Nvidia Shield did become corrupt (after almost 2 years of no problems.)

On the problem Nvidia Shield, I uninstalled the app, restarted the Nvidia Shield, and reinstalled the app. All is now working properly (except I now lost, as expected, access to my remote Tablo).

Thanks all!

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