NVIDIA Shield disconnects

Ever since the Shield was upgraded to User Experience 8, or Android 9, I lose my connection to my Tablo regularly.

Using either Tablo app or Tablo Preview, have issues.

Any ideas?

II use the Nvida Shield also and I am not seeing this issue. I am using wired Ethernet for both the Nvida and the Tablo. What about streaming apps any issue with those? If your using wireless try moving closer to the AP. Can you temporarily run a Ethernet cable to the Nvidia for a test?

Same issue, and had it before the 8 update too. My Shield is wireless and moving my router did decrease the amount of times this happens. One of these days I’ll get around to running a wire to the Shield and it should take care of the issue.

An alternative is a power line ethernet. I personally have not used one so I cannot comment on how well they work.

I am using the TP-Link AC1200 power line extenders, and they work well, but they are highly dependent on the age and quality of the wiring in your home. My house, built in 1987, has grounded outlets in every room. (This is not always the case in homes built before the 1960’s.) The ground becomes part of the signal-passing system with the AC1200 and AC1700 extenders. Slower speed extenders do not use the ground, but are MUCH slower.

Performance: I have 100 mbs/100 mbs internet service. Router sits by the hard-wired Tablo in the main TV room. Router plugs into AC1200 unit. Four other AC1200 units in other parts of the house. Two rooms use AC1200 units with WiFi (to extend WiFi to other rooms), other two AC1200 are hardwired to devices in those rooms.

Consistently see about 25 mbs in both directions, with only occassional drops to 20 mbs, Often the units will pass around 30mbs+ in both directions.Can easily stream from a Plex server to the TV room or any other Roku in the house. Tablo works fine in any room, using a low-end Roku Express, without buffering, and several TVs running at the same time. (I am using the 720p, 5mbs setting on my Tablo as all my TVs are 32" or smaller.)

Power wiring in my house is complicated as the house has a split circuit breaker panel and a backup generator. There is some speed lost because of the split panel, but no decrease in reliability. In almost 3 years, I’ve only had to reset the power line extenders 1 time. The WiFi models support both 5 gHz and the 2.4 gHz connections with speeds as above.

Make sure you can return the units if they don’t work for you. Some homes, because of the internal wiring will just not work consistently. This is very common with the AC500 units and was the main reason I upgraded to the AC1200 units.

Other tips: Do not use extension cords or power strips with extenders. They need to be plugged into the wall directly. This is a must! Also, try each of the various outlets in each room where you place an extender. Most houses will have all outlets in a room wired in parallel back to the circuit breaker, and the speed on the “first” outlet in the chain will be higher than the “last” outlet in that room. Finally, outlets protected by a ground fault interrupter (GFI) will not work as well as those without the GFI. (Often, one GFI may protect several outlets.) If your breaker panel uses a whole house GFI system (common in many countries other than the US) performance will probably take a hit.

Took a while but I figured it out.

It was interference from a motion detector (Zibgee) sitting next to it. I had moved the sensor close to the Nvidia Shield and it had me chasing this disconnect all this time.

I moved it away, by 4-5 ft and it’s fine.

I’m using a Bell Hub 3000 which is literally 8 ft away from the Shield… The Tablo is maybe 20 ft away. Short distances.

Problem solved.