Nvidia Shield Android TV (original tablo app + live tv)

I’ve noticed recently that while watching LIVE TV from the Tablo App (Not the Preview App) the video will pause/stutter (a couple times per minute) even though the sound does not.
At first, I thought that the changing season was to blame. Nope…The trees still do not have their leaves.
Then, I thought I was getting antenna/coax noise. Nope…Live TV was the only thing affected. Recordings are just fine.
Finally, I thought the hard drive was going bad. Maybe…But, I remembered I have the preview app, so i gave it a try to see if there was any change in Live TV. The video did not stutter. (I was able to just test this for about 15 minutes this morning before work)

Any shield owners out there noticing stuttering video while watching Live TV on the original Tablo app?

I had problems with non preview app on Shield to, support said don’t use it, so from that time I am on preview.

Thanks for the heads up.

Wonder why the original tablo app & the shield don’t play nice with each other. Hmm.

I don’t use my Shield much, but results are always stellar where Tablo (and everything else) is concerned. No problems before the Preview app either.

Regular Tablo and Shield play well together for me.

Well, after trying the preview app on the shield for a week my wife liked the original app better. So, I ended up clearing the cache and data on the original app… It’s only been this morning of using it, but we have not seen the pause/skip of the video.

Just wanted to share that clearing cache and data is probably the best thing a user can do help clear up some possible problems you might encounter.

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Did she mention why? The PREVIEW app will become the new defacto Tablo app in the coming months.

We know people will always balk a bit about any change, but if there was some specific feedback she had we’re all ears!

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I prefer the original app for remote viewing :wink:

She “records all” on her shows (ie late night talk shows), and she likes that the information included both the original air date and when it was recorded. She also liked how the old app grouped recordings by show in the “Recents” versus the new app does it’s grouping by date.

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