Nvidia Shield Android TV issues with most recent update

With the most recent Android TV update running on an Nvidia Shield Android TV - I am seeing a couple of things that are bothersome - 1. waking the Shield up from sleep will ALWAYS show that “Tablo has stopped responding”. It’s a simple error that I just hit ‘ok’ for - but it’s always there. 2. (maybe this one has to do with my harmony remote more) but before - clicking play in the grid started playing the show - now clicking the play button (or the select buttone) goes to the show playing screen but it’s in a paused state and requires me to hit the play button again. 3. FF through recorded shows - now shows the thumbnails - but you have to ALSO hit the select button to start playing - ie. show’s playing - come to a commercial - start hitting the FF button - you’ll see the thumbnails but the show’s still playing - hit select on the thumbnail you want to get to and then you’re playing from that point. Maybe this last one’s a feature - but it’s now requiring another button click than before.

Now - with all that said - buffering when a show starts playing in live TV is now fixed and works great without the constant buffering from before.

I haven’t seen anyone else posting these issues in regard to the Android TV app - so I thought I’d add.

I also am experiencing these things. Once the channel loads playback is excellent so I guess I just sort of ignored them. Thanks for posting :wink:

I have Nexus Player and am experiencing #2 and #3 but not #1. I find having to manually start the video after you have already selected it to be fairly annoying and pointless. #3 bothers me to a lesser extent but for consistency with other streaming apps it would be nice if you didn’t have to press the select button

Edit: should also mention I have seen #1 happen on my Android tablet when switching users

Yes, I am seeing all 3 issues on all 3 of my Nexus Players and from time-to-time on my Nexus 7.