Nuvyyo releases advanced high gain, high range antenna line

They come in an assortment of colors (red, green, blue, black, burlywood) but each features their new patented dermatiraelian sensor net with psilosynine transwarp field coils and the ionizing saucer with bio-neural compositor. Also included is a simply mounting bracket, cabling and 3 ft. mast post.

Range is said to be between 300 - 1000 mi (483 - 1609km) Allowing people in other countries to use Tablo.

“It was an easier fix than producing devices that worked with each country’s HD broadcast specification.”

(price not yet available)


Those new antennas would pair well with this: New Accessory for Tablo OTA DVRs – Tablo RETRO

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Do they come with this guy to run them?



Ssshhh… he’s one of the designers.

Good. Cause if it was the same guy who designed the consoles on starships, we’d be worried.

And let us never forget the Photonic Cannon!

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HA! Literally just re-watched that episode the other night.

These sync with the chip in my head? It’s always difficult to find burlywood, it will blend it all together :heart: