Number of recordings to keep

I read that the latest Tablo firmware update has an advanced feature where you can set how many recordings of a show you wish to keep - e.g., 1, 2, all. Can’t find it in the Samsung Tablo app, however I added the Tablo channel to my Roku, and it works fine. So now I have double work. I add a recurring recording in the Samsung Tablo app, then I have to switch over to the Roku app to set how many recordings to keep, I have the latest Tablo firmware (just bought our Tablo - have build 22). Do others have this situation?

I just use the web app running in Chrome to do all scheduling. Much easier than doing it in the streamer box UI (any of them).

Thank you - didn’t know there was a web app - duh!

This is a task that only needs to be done once, you can also do it on your smartphone or tablet.

I do it on my iPhone, very easy. Set it and forget it.