Now that summer is here and my A list shows are on hiatus

I now have an opening in my schedule to start watching all those new shows that have been backing up on my Tablo’s hard drive. Just finished watching Game of Silence, and tho I enjoyed it, I understand it’s been cancelled. Tonight, I watched the first episode f Lucifer and think it’s pretty good. Looking forward to watching the rest of the stored episodes.

Also have 10 episodes of American Crime, 16 episodes of DCs Legends of Tomorrow, 5 unwatched episodes of Houdini & Doyle, 7 Episodes of Agent Carter, 8 episodes of Rush Hour, 9 episodes of Strong, and 10 episodes of You, Me and the Apocalypse.

If there’s a downside to the 4 tuner Tablo, I think I found it… there’s way too much TV to watch over the air, and besides the shows I noted above, I have lots more to watch, such as old movies, a number of episodes of The Equalizer, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the Jackie Robinson biography from PBS, Genius by Stephen Hawking, not to mentioned all the premiering and returning shows already in the queue that will be recorded. I guess the lesson here is that there’s so much free TV available, that I don’t miss my cancelled DirecTV one bit. I haven’t even mentioned all the shows I stream, such as Orange is rhe New Black and House of Cards.

Did I mention I watch way too much TV?


General Hospital still going strong?

haha… still going strong,

Don’t bother with Rush Hour. I watched the first episode and deleted all the recorded copies. Poorly done cop partner comedy with none of the redeeming features of the movies.

Watched the first episode of Game of Silence and pretty much hated it. Stopped after that first episode. Loved, Loved, Loved Lucifer. Didn’t watch American Crime. Was not thrilled with Legends of Tomorrow but did watch all the way through. Houdini and Doyle is filler for this time of year when nothing else is on. Agent Carter is excellent - too bad it was cancelled. I much prefer it to Agents of Shield. Didn’t watch Rush Hour or Strong, but did watch You, Me, and the Apocalypse and to my surprise, ended up enjoying it - much different from everything else out there and really came to enjoy Rob Lowe as a priest trying to debunk the second coming.

I’ve been adding British drama from the variety of PBS networks we get to my DVR list to make up for the lack of Prime Time fare.

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If you like British drama, AcornTV (streaming package $4.95 a month) is excellent. We view it on our Rokus. Also has some excellent Australian shows (like “A Place to Call Home,” “Miss Fisher”) and Canadian (“Murdoch”).

We’ve been going through all the Agatha Christie programs (Poirot, Miss Marple, Tommy & Tuppence), Morse, Maigret, Midsommer Murders, Rosemary & Thyme, etc. Great writing, superb acting! No wonder PBS picks up some of these… Midsommer Murders is particularly addictive.

One of the games my wife and I play is spotting currently popular actors (such as Benedict Cumberbatch) in their earlier roles (in these British series) before they became well known abroad.


Yep, I have looked at AcornTV’s catalog and will probably subscribe eventually. Right now we have Netflix and they have a lot of British programming as well with some overlap with AcornTV - so I am going through that stuff first.

And for classic movie buffs check out MOVIES channel. I’ve just recorded The Bridge On The River Kwai - uncut.