Now all my Tablo recordings are deleted

Ok, so after trying to reconnect my hard drive to my 2-Tuner Tablo unit, the unit now says that the hard drive has almost no recordings taking up space. Essentially, all the pretty icons still exist but the hard drive indicates no shows left on there. This is the last draw. Tablo sucks, period! These shows recorded were live broadcasts of the news which will never be replayed. Ever!

I am going to do a long youtube video on how much Tablo stinks and why people should opt to purchase a DVD recorder instead of a DVR, especially a Tablo unit. Shame shame, shame on you Tablo!!!

All you had to do was take a look at Nuvyyo’s instructions for migrating to a new Tablo and follow them step by step.

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Instructions? So you’re saying that yes, my content it in fact gone? Was I warned that it would be deleted? This is absurd. Are you justifying this crappy system?

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OK, but all this doesn’t matter after the fact. My icons show that the files are there, but the hard drive shows it’s not according to the hard drive memory left. Basically, the damm Tablo has a ghost image of files that used to exist, files that I did not request be recorded over. All this is terrible and should not happen to new users. The learning curve for this is incredible. One mistake and it’s all over. Even Windows tells you that before you record over something, you have another chance to opt out. Insane. Shame on Tablo. And yes, it’s their fault. They have not made anything easy. All this syncing crap is for the birds.

So, are all my recordings deleted? I don’t need a link. It’s too late for that. I need to know if all my recordings are deleted and why Tablo automatically deletes information from the hard drive.

Best bet is to contact @TabloSupport, maybe the recordings are still there and can be retrieved.

The OP connected the old HDD to his new quad tuner Tablo without doing the migration process properly, then recorded new shows on said HDD, then the overnight daily maintenance detected these orphaned recordings done by the old dual tuner Tablo on the HDD and properly deleted them freeing up space for future recordings.

Unfortunately, they are likely lost unless someone is very tech savvy and can recover deleted items from drives. Maybe a consult with the FBI would work.

To be clear this issue arised because the migration instructions were not followed correctly.

Oh thanks guy! We just concluded happily the other thread Visionary Steve had going and now you bring this up all over again. Rubbing salt in the wound :tired_face: Nothing like spoiling our Kumbaya moment…

Lol sorry - I was just echo’ing your response, and explaining the “clean up” process for old orphaned recordings only makes sense.

I now see there are 3 separate threads discussing this issue.

All your deleted files are belong to us!

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Yup, Visionary Steve was a little upset and spread himself across the forum Trumplike but he’s calmed down now…

I am still upset with the lack of easy migration with Tablo. Again, all these files should be stored on the drive as well. Being able to swap drives is something Tablo’s programmers need to work on. This is still frustrating.

I understand it is frustrating to lose data, it’s happened to be when hard drives fail (not Tablo related), but the migration process is not that difficult. However, I can see where an error in it can be made.

Did you just disconnect the HDD from the old Tablo and connect it to the new Tablo without properly rebooting the old Tablo?

I did everything wrong. I guess the question I have is this. Do both Tablo units have to be plugged in when you are doing the migration process? One wireless and one directly to the internet cable? I am thinking this is the case. The 4-channel Tablo should have been hooked to the ethernet cable?

Tablo needs to get rid of this auto-erase feature and make it optional or manual. Lots of data and programming was lost but I will live. I am not going to jump off a skyscraper because of lost data.

That’s good to hear - that you’ll make it through it all. Relief, whew. We’re all here for ya guy. We’ve all been through one Tablo ordeal or another.

I have a lot of positive input to give. I am going to do a list of things that need to be improved with Tablo. Good communication is important. I will keeps you guys posted with all my complaints and suggestions. I hope this is a brotherly love community!

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