Notification that your current tuner is about to be used for recording and option to stop it

One feature I’d like to request is to have the ability while watching live tv to stop a recording if it’s going to use the tuner I am using. Back when I had satellite service, if a recording was about to start but there were no tuners available, I would get a pop-up about 3 minutes in advance that gives me the option to let the scheduled recording proceed as planned or cancel the scheduled recording and keep watching the channel I am on. Right now, there’s no notification and the tuner just gets taken without notice. Not good if you’re watching something like live sports.

Yes! This is a real good idea!!

Maybe the user should be able to specify a specific emoji or avatar that pops up. Maybe instead of a pop up it should be a ticker tape that runs along the bottom of the screen. Or a ringtone. Or maybe mimic one of those nation emergency alert system messages.

You wonder what should happen if two or more users are watching the same Live TV channel. Do they both get the alert and can cancel each other out.

Or two or more users are watching two or more different channels when only one tuner is needed. Does everyone get the message?

Sounds like a fun feature.

I’d be satisfied with just knowing how many tuners are currently being used, and available.
And, just like my old Dish Networks DVR, scheduled recordings take precedence over live viewing.

All good ideas. Just something that gets the job done.

I thought recordings did take precedence. Have you confirmed that they don’t?

sodaman_2000 doesn’t want automated precedence. They want human interaction to decide whether to abandon a scheduled recording. Of course this never turns out well in a many Live TV viewers to one tuner, many Live TV viewers to multiple tuners, or when you cancelled your significant others scheduled recording.

Recordings do take precedence.
I just don’t want that to change.

Agreed. Scheduled recordings require a dedicated initiative and should not be easily overwritten.

Recordings should always take precedence and this notification should only pop-up when there are no free tuners available, not for every scheduled recording. Basically, this would be a type of conflict resolution for live tv.

3 minutes before a scheduled recording takes place when there are no free tuners, Tablo pop-up reads:

"Hey, I need to record your scheduled recording of Three’s Company but the other tuners are busy and you’re watching Monday Night Football live. Do you want me to still record the Three’s Company as scheduled which will stop your live viewing of Monday Night Football? Yes or No."

If you click yes, at the scheduled recording time, your tuner is taken. If you click No, the recording is canceled and you keep watching what you’re watching.

Simple as that. Of course the pop-up wording can be changed…

As it is now, I have to check to see what’s going to be recorded and then cancel in advance if I see that both tuners are going to be used and I need to watch something else. It’s a pain.

Well the pop-up would have to be a bit more complex, it would have to provide you with the option to cancel 1 of 4 recordings for those with a quad tuner. Not as simple as it sounds to implement, but great idea.

No. This is only for when the last available tuner will be taken.

What if you have 4 shows all starting to record at 8 PM for example?

You get individual pop-ups for each recording. Still simple to implement as the if - then statement is the same. Something like:

if total number of scheduled recordings at this time > number of available tuners 3 minutes before record time, then pop-up message for each scheduled recording

That if - then works whether you have a 2 or 4 tuner Tablo.

To ai_i.t_king it seems as simple as a if - then statement. Of course I haven’t seen the syntax that expresses how multiple viewers to one Live TV show or multiple viewers to multiple Live TV shows gets resolved to every ones satisfaction.

Well, I would ask this in reply. If 4 people are watching live and two shows need to be recorded, who currently gets the short end of the stick? Random tuner choice?

This must be some kind of new programing language I’ve never seen. Or maybe it’s a pseudo language like MIX.