Not working on android devices only

Hi all, been a tablo tv user for a long time, love my tablo but it is one hell of a finicky product. Usually, I’m able to figure out my tablo issues by just googling and stalking this forum, but kinda stuck on this new one. So what happened is that I got a new ISP, and therefore a new modem, but same wireless router. Since then, tablo has stopped working via all my android devices, but works fine on PC, apple and roku. Tried a bunch of restarts for everything, but nothing has worked. Any ideas? Grateful for any ideas you guys might have

What does “stopped working” mean. Couldn’t discover the tablo? Could discover the tablo but couldn’t connect. Could connect but not display data or play video.

What do the android devices have in common - all wired or all WiFi or ?

Thanks for responding! Sorry that wasn’t clear, the Tablo is not connecting via my fire tv’s (2) and my sony tv that runs on android, all are on wifi connections, same network. They used to all work before the new ISP, but now Tablo only works on roku and windows…

and to be clear, it is unable to discover the tablo

You should be able to verify via the tablo roku app settings page the IP address of the tablo unit and Roku setting network page the Roku IP address.

You should also be able to determine Fire Tv’s IP address. They all have to be on the same subnet.

maybe you have two or more DHCP servers using the same or different subnets. Maybe the ISP router has the WiFi on and you don’t want it on,etc.

Thank you zippy. I have the ip addresses, how do I determine the subnet?

As an example: AAA.BBB.CCC.nn, The AAA,BBB,CCC numbers all have to be the same. The nn number represents different devices on the same subnet.

Yes, thank you, but where do I see the subnet numbers for the roku and the tablo? I found them for my android tv, they are set to the default is the subnet mask and not the IP address.

On a Roku the Roku IP address is under the network menu item. For the tablo IP address start the Roku tablo app it appears at the bottom on the settings menu.

But it sounds like you need tablo support to walk you through your setup.checking

Thank you zippy, I have the ip addresses for all 3 devices (roku, tablo and android tv), but I thought you said that the subnet mask needs to be the same…how do I make sure that is the case?

With the new ISP, do you have a separate modem and router?

Is your Tablo hard wired to your router? Or connected via WiFi?

I have a new modem, old router. Tablo is hard wired to router, and I have narrowed it down to what the issue is. The android tv is set to the guest network because for some reason it won’t connect to my regular network. When I disconnected roku from the regular network and connected to the guest network, tablo disappeared. Funny thing is, everything used to work before new modem. No idea on how to solve this POS problem…HELP!

The guest WiFi network, if enabled, and the regular WiFi network should have different SSID’s and passwords.

A WiFi network has to be enabled and usually the SSID is broadcast.

In addition for security reasons the guest WiFi network has a router access flag setting that allows users of guest WiFi network to access systems, such as tablo, on the local network.

So the new modem isn’t broadcasting a separate WiFi network that some devices could be connected to?

Take all devices off the guest network. If this requires factory resetting the router and starting from scratch, do it. You might have to factory reset or upgrade the firmware on the Android TV.

It sounds like this user was always using a guest network because
“it won’t connect to my regular network”.

Who knows why. Could be as simple as using the same SSID for both 2.4g and 5g networks. Some devices get confused by this.

It’s pretty easy to set up WiFI but I prefer another glass of wine while I’m watching football.

Thank you both. I managed to get on help desk with my router company, connected main network with TV and Tablo is working again, thanks again for responding to my thread yesterday, I appreciate it very much