Not seeing content while fast forwarding

When fast forwarding through a recorded program, the progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows that it is happening, but there is no video so I don’t know how far to go. Is this normal? I am using the built-in Samsung 2020 Q70R Tablo app that otherwise seems to work OK. I have a ROKU but would rather not have to use it if I don’t have to.

I have a Samsung tv using the built in app, and it does show thumbnails when fast forwarding recorded programs.

Is this happening on all your recordings? Sometimes it happens to one because the user is watching it too soon after the recording happens. But if it is all of them, then something may be wrong.

Thanks for answering. I’ve only tried it on one recording, the day after recording it, and right now I’m recording about 1/2 hour of a live news program on CBS. After about 30 minutes I’ll stop recording and wait for the thumbnail generation process to take place (a few minutes). Then I should see them, right? I’m assuming thumbnails are generated for anything I record. I have the Quad.

Tablo FAQs – Why Don’t I Always See Fast Forward Preview Thumbnails on Tablo?

[source: ]

Fast Forward Previews

Most Tablo apps will offer fast forward preview thumbnails on recordings so you can easily skip commercials or find a particular segment of a show.

  • Fast forward preview thumbnails are only available on completed recordings.
  • Thumbnails require a free tuner to be processed and takes approximately 4 minutes per 1 hour show.
  • Missing fast forward preview thumbnails? Live TV and in-progress recordings are unable to offer this option. Completed recordings missing thumbnails may have video errors preventing their creation.

Thanks dkj. I just finished recording a program, gave it time to generate thumbnails, and it did give me fast-forward preview. Now if I can figure out how to FF using this basic remote that came with my Samsung Q70R (that doesn’t have any FF button) I’m all set. Fortunately, I have an old Samsung TV remote that does have this function, but it doesn’t work as fast or as well as my new basic one on the functions it does support. Damn, I miss the days of the 21-inch screen and tuner knobs sometimes.

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Never mind! Got that one figured out, too, from trial and error. Just press the navigation left/right ring. Good thing, because my old remote doesn’t like the FF/navigation button combination.

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it says joined 2 days ago, 5 topics created… You sure those suggesting not sticking with Samsung TV “smart” UI really a bad idea? :poop:

I can understand not wanting so many different devices to jump through, likely everything you can get on your Samsung you can get on another device and so much more… and likely less hassle. While still watching on an awesome TV. :crossed_swords: choose your battles, :guardswoman: win the war :shield:

I actually have a late model ROKU that, probably, would solve all my problems. But I’m a minimalist and think it would be great if I could save a TV HDMI input and not have to worry about another piece of hardware. I’m sending Guido to convince Tablo to supply a useful Samsung app.