Not seeing a channel I once did. Nothing else has changed

This is more of a public service announcement based on my recent experience…

I used to get the local channel 5 perfectly, then 2 nights ago it stopped working.  I thought something may have happened, so I moved my antenna…  Nothing,  I power cycled Tablo…  I rescanned channels…  All nothing

Then I went to the channels website and found this…

CINCINNATI —The over the air signals for WLWT and Me-TV continue to be off the air due to a transmission problem and we are working to restore them as soon as possible.

We have repair crews arriving this weekend and we will keep you updated on

Thank you for your continued patience.

This has been a public service announcement…  Don’t drive yourself crazy without first checking the source…

Nice thought.  I dunno how often I’ve overlooked the obvious for a more complicated (and wrong) ‘solution’.   :wink:

Well, in my defense, an NBC station in a major market going dark for around 4 days at this point is pretty unbelievable…  Luckily I can pull in the Dayton version, so it’s not a terrible deal.  At this point though, the local ABC affiliate has actually allowed them to broadcast on their -3 channel.  So 9-3 in Cincinnati is now 5. :slight_smile:

Interesting, I lost the following channels overnight without touching a thing…

2.1 WDTN-HD - previously 5 green bars
22.1 WKEF-DT - previously 5 green bars
45.1 WRGT-TV - previously 3 bars

Rescanned and dont get those stations at all now and 4 other channels previously with 4 bars are down to 3…weather is clear right now…

All stations worked fine a week ago when I set up tablo.

I cna confirm 2.1 is working.  I’m getting it clear here north of Cincinnati.  I have 22.1 in my list, but it is single red, so doesn’t really work.  45.1 I don’t have at all.

Indoor antenna? Before I ditched mine I 'd get signal strength readings of 90% on a given channel one day and 30% ( meaning no reception) the next. Sometimes minute to minute.

Similar thing happened to me before. There was a power outage at the transmission site. It didn’t affect cable because the station is connected to TW by fiber. That’s how I first got Mark’s name and email. He is the engineer for KXAN, KBVO, KNVA (36, 14, 54 and subchannels, including ION TV which I still don’t have guide data for)