Not recording the Late Late Show w/ Corden

Been having trouble getting the 4 tuner Tablo to record the Late Late Show w/ Corden.
Last night before bed, my wife & I made sure the show was set to Record All. (We know it’s summer so the show might not be new) We have been playing around with different recording strategies (ie record new, record all, not record for a day, record all—haven’t tried manual recording yet.)

We also record the Late Show w/ Colbert which is on before Corden (same channel) so it shouldn’t be the antenna (other recordings & live TV work).

We use Fire TV box; Tablo is the most recent firmware (2.2.16), plus I have a laptop fan underneath it to help with cooling.

Is my “to do list / scheduled” database messed up?
Should I rescan my channel list?
Is this a firmware bug?

Any help would be appreciated. My wife is getting frustrated she likes her late night shows.

Are the Corden airings just failing to show up entirely in the Recordings screen? Or are they showing up as failed recordings?

Definitely touch base with our support team with the details. We’d be happy to take a look.

The Corden Airings are failing to show entirely in the Recordings screen.
Another thing is we set “Hollywood Game Night” to record, it starts at 8pm so we’re both awake. We checked around 8:15 in the Recordings screen and there was nothing. So we moved over the Live TV guide section and the channel was blinking (tuner is assigned on channel) and there is a clock in the corner of the show listing (it is scheduled to record). But it does not show up in the recordings screen.
I will “tag” the support team via email after writing this. :slight_smile:

I just tried to open on my computer with chrome and I got an error message of “sync could not complete due to database error”. I did try to re-connect to tablo on chrome and went through SYNCing to tablo. Now the shows that are in question show up in the recordings screen on chrome.

So, I went to the app on the fire tv and cleared the cache and the data of the app. Re-sync. Now, the shows in question appear in the Recordings screen. And my wife is watching her shows now.
Glad I figured it out. Now, my wife is happy…thus I am happy! :wink:

Maybe a good thing to add to the apps (android, fire tv, roku, ios) would be an error message like it does in Chrome…just a thought.