Not Recording scheduled shows

Had 2 shows in schedule. Set up as repeating. Went to watch them and they weren’t there. I had set up this thru the android app. They still showed up in schedule on app. But when I looked on my Roku they didn’t even show up in the schedule. This is a new unit and I’m still in my trial subscription.

Clarifying my post. I had set up the schedule using the android app on my phone. I was connected to my Tablo. Apparently they didn’t get sent to the Tablo??? They still show up in the app, but if I go to the Tablo app on the ROKU they don’t show up there. And they didn’t record. If I set up the recording on the ROKU they seem to be there. Is it not possible to schedule the recording from my phone? Does it have to be done from the ROKU app?

You can schedule from the Android app.

Can you check through the website in the Chrome browser on a computer? And see if it shows up as scheduled.

Wow… I just has a major failure to record tonight. I had 6 shows set to record, and they even showed the little orange flag in the upper right corner on the program listing grid, but none of those shows appeared in the recorded programs listing.

Law and order SVU
Chicago PD
Survivor Cambodia : Second Chance
Criminal Minds
Code Black

Could have been worse I guess if the regular ABC shows were on tonight.

I’m hoping that they somehow magically appear in the morning, but definitely not a happy camper right now.


You can schedule from your phone. I schedule from my phone all the time. Were you at home and were you using LTE or were you on the same network? Should not make a difference - I do both. It would make it easier to figure out the problem if we knew how. It appears the phone was either paired or on same network or the Tablo app would not have worked at all. Have you opened a ticket?

Did you wait for the sync?

I wonder if the Tablo folks did the right thing by letting users access their Tablo before a sync is complete. It is great when you want to watch live TV, but it is very easy to think that a recording didn’t happen because the new recordings don’t show up until the sync is complete.

I scheduled the shows from home on my WIFI network. They showed up on both my phone, my tablet. I didn’t think to check the web app. I had scheduled them several days in advance. I set them up as a repeating recording for a series. They were to record Tuesday evening. We were not home Tuesday evening so wern’t watching anything while the recording should have been going on. The next day went to watch the shows and they weren’t there. I checked the schedule thru the ROKU and they weren’t listed. Went into my tablet and they were still listed there. Checked my phone and they were listed there. Using the ROKU I set it up again. Then they show up in the ROKU. I will see next Tuesday if they record. When I expand the schedule it lists the next 2 weeks as being set up.

By the way what is the difference between the yellow and the purple triangle on the recording schedule?

I did wait for the sync to finish, and even disconnected Tablo to force a complete resync on the Chrome web browser. Roku does a kind of sync when you enter the app… it just doesn’t retain it when the app is exited.

Also did a couple of test recordings this morning, and they worked ok, tho I did have to disconnect Chrome to force a resync to pick them up, but nothing from last night showed up. Roku picked up the test recordings right away.

I filed a support request, and am hoping maybe they can pull up the missing recordings, but because Tablo has been degrading over the past couple of weeks, I’m thinking of pulling off the unwatched recordings to my hard drive and doing a factory reset. I’m also considering picking up a Tivo this morning, as I’m rapidly losing confidence that Tablo will reliably record shows that I’ve set it up to capture.

The orange/yellow triangle represents shows that were scheduled using guide data. The purple triangle represents manual recordings.

Sometimes it takes a little while for the recorded programs to show up in the recorded list - especially the Roku. When I first started using Tablo, I thought I wasn’t getting the recordings as well but then while browsing for an answer, they showed up in the list. It just took a bit (several minutes) for them to appear. The guide, across all platforms I use, always shows the list as the last time I viewed it and then after a while, all the new recordings I made since the last time I viewed it will appear. I 'spose it depends a lot on your network throughput speeds as well.

If you’re seeing this issue, please try to use a different app to confirm whether or not you’re able to see your missing recordings on a different interface.

If not, please drop us a line so we can look at your Tablo’s logs to find out what happened:

I checked all the apps including the web app. The recordings aren’t there.

Maybe I did something wrong when I set it up. I went back into the guide, selected the shows, and said to record all new. Then checked the ROKU and they show up. With a purple triangle with a clock symbol in it. That is what I saw on my phone before, but which never showed up on the ROKU. But now when I did it they show up. So I may have not done something right before, but strange it was on my phone as scheduled but not on the ROKU.

What I want to do. We are always gone on Tuesday nights and there are 2 shows we want always to record. So am I doing it right? Went into guide, found shows, the next couple weeks showed up on list, selected record new, etc. So should this continue to record every week without me doing anything else? We are still on the free subscription trial but it is my understanding that it is fully functional during the trial???

I will see what happens over the next couple weeks.

In my case, they’re not coming up on the Chrome web browser, Roku or my phone’s android app. Filed a support request already, and put my Tablo in heartbeat mode.

For me, purple means a manual recording was set up, so I don’t know why you are seeing purple. It should be orange if you are using the guide to set it up.

You are correct that once you select “record all” or “record new”, it will keep recording that show week to week and season to season (assuming your guide subscription is paid for before it expires).

I’ve experienced the same problem for the last two weeks. Had Supergirl on CBS scheduled for Monday and the last two weeks of Agents Of Shield on ABC Tuesdays.

None of the shows recorded and no conflicts are listed, no do I even have anything else scheduled to record on those nights. Also, the Tablo does not show any failed recordings.

I used Tablo Ripper to view the recordings available on the Tablo and they are missing so it’s not just the ROKU and Chrome failing to sync. The box seems to have missed them entirely.

Just in case, I changed the scheduling to record all episodes instead of new only.

Any other thoughts are appreciated.

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I bit the bullet and did a factory reset. After missing the first scheduled recording immediately afterwards, I did 7 test recordings and they all worked. So far, it’s been recording normally tonight. Remains to be seen if my other issues reoccur in the morning.

I also signed up for the beta software, but haven’t installed it yet.

Mystery deepens.

My tablo uses a 256GB USB 3.0 flash drive as its’ storage drive. It was about 50-60% full when it started missing shows.

On Friday I removed all but two recordings using Tablo Ripper and confirmed that none of the missed recordings were listed in that application.

On Monday we sat down, intending to watch the live episode of Supergirl on our Roku even though Tablo had skipped the previous recording. When I browsed to the episodes list on the Roku interface the previously missing episode was there and played successfully!

Last night we watched the live Flash using Tablo and browsed the Roku interface for Agents of Shield. All the missing episodes were there and listed on the Roku interface. They are, however, not shown when I browse with either Chrom on my computer or Table Ripper.

The Tablo is recording the episodes, but not displaying them on all devices and not on the Roku until it has begun another recording of that program, or at least that’s how I would describe the behavior I’ve observed…

Flash drives are not recommended by Tablo.

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Yes, because of drive disconnects.
Watch out for that for sure.

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I installed the beta Tablo software, 2.2.7 about a week ago, and there is a noticeable improvement in performance. The RoKu preview app is a lot faster, pulling up recorded shows almost immediately. When watched shows are deleted, the response is also a lot faster as well… again, almost immediate.Cautiously optimistic at this point, but looking really good so far. unsure if it’s the factory reset or the new Tablo software, or a combination of both, but all of the issues I was experiencing have disappeared, including the overnight updates to the program guide.