Not recording new episodes after trial ended & I purchased subscription

Hi, I recently purchased the Tablo and have been very happy with it. I had a trial of the subscription which ended on 7/19, as well as the recording stopped. So I purchased a subscription on 7/31. However, the Tablo has not begun to record episodes again, even though it says they are scheduled.

How can I get my scheduled recordings to work again?

Mac address: GI-C02099801


I would go ahead and submit a support ticket as well.

One quick step to try is to delete your schedules and then re-add them to your Tablo.

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Are the recordings failing with some kind of error message? Or are they just not appearing at all in the Recordings page, even after they’ve been scheduled?

If it’s the former, I’d suggest checking the error messages to see what’s causing them to fail. It could be due to reception, a disk failure, etc.

If it’s the latter, @snowcat’s suggestion is a good place to start. Don’t hesitate to send us a ticket if you’d like our team to work with you directly on this.

I just encountered this myself. I had a bunch of series from the new TV season set to record, but my free month ran out while I was evacuated from Hurricane Florence (and my Tablo had no electric power). I’m back home now and bought a lifetime subscription. All of the series show as properly scheduled, but when I looked at the information about the individual episodes, the first couple episodes of each “record new” series typically aren’t marked as “rec” even though those episodes are marked as being “new”. They also don’t appear in the Roku “Coming Soon” section for scheduled recordings, which is how I noticed this problem.

I went through all of the series I’d scheduled with the “New” option and changed them to record all, then set them back to record new. That seems to have fixed them up.

This is specifically a problem with “record new.” “Record all” works fine.

I doubt it’s related, but I use “end 5 minutes later” on all of my recordings.

4-tuner Tablo, firmware version 2.2.22.

Edited to add It occurs to me that the number of skipped episodes was variable – sometimes one episode, sometimes two. I wonder if it might have been those “new” episodes that had already been scheduled when the free month expired that were skipped. In other words, those episodes within the two weeks after the free month expired. Alas I didn’t note the specifics, and I have no way of repeating the situation.