Not getting cbs

I have m Tablo set up and appears to be working correctly. I cannot pickup CBS in San Antonio KVUE-5. I set up a TV and hook up the antennae to check and it works just fine with no Tablo. Is CBS blocking Tablo…does anyone know why this would happen?


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I agree with philsoft.

  1. What is the make and model of your antenna?
  2. How long is the cable run from the antenna to your Tablo?
  3. Is the antenna amplified or not?

The Tablo does not block any channel. The two main reasons why a channel is not picked up by the Tablo are that the signal is too weak or there are too many errors in the signal.

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Also, if there is a splitter ahead of the Tablo… by removing it, there would be a boost in signal level and the Tablo might be able to pick up the missing channel.

Originally, I fed my antenna into a splitter so I could feed the TVs in addition to Tablo, and ran into a minor problem with a couple of distant channels, COZI and Antenna TV. Not essential, but nice to have. I was also, strangely, missing one of the CBS sub-channels, but by removing the splitter, Tablo was able to see it.

@thebooms - Do you actually see this CBS channel when you do your channel scan? Does it appear in the grid guide? Does it have guide data?

If yes to all of the above and when you click on a show you get an error on playback, then it’s likely your antenna.

Also check the balun on your antenna. I know here in Chicago land CBS is broadcasted on the opposite band from pretty much every other station. UHF vs VHF

Since I grew up in San Antonio and now live in Austin (but go to SA for holidays) I will correct station letters for you. KENS = San Antonio CBS 5-1
KVUE = Austin ABC = 24-1

They are both BELO stations so some of the reports on news might cross.

The display channel is 5-1. I don’t know what it is broadcast on. Most HDTV antennas aren’t made for VHF but will work if close enough. Suggest Winegard FL500 antenna

39 (UHF)

So it is. After I posted, I googled call sign ownership, and it shows the broadcast frequency and subchannels. Wikipedia ended up having the information. For anyone wanting to know the broadcast frequency of their station, and subchannels, just check Wikipedia.

Ownership for both is now Gannet.