Not generating thumbnails

Two shows recorded last night and it didn’t generate thumbnails. The tuners have had plenty of time to generate them, 24 hours. This has been happening a lot lately. What gives? How the heck we supposed to FF when you can’t see anything? No signal loss cause they play fine. Frustrating.

You can open a ticket with Tablo Support and they can check your Tablo’s logs, but more than likely, they will tell you it failed due to poor reception.

I have occasionally experienced the same problem. Usually if you watch very closely you may see the image pixelate just for a second, but that is sometimes enough to cause the thumbnails to fail to generate. Other times, I have seen multiple interruptions and yet the thumbnails generate correctly.

I agree that it is very frustrating when they don’t generate. Hopefully one day Tablo will add a feature to manually trigger thumbnail generation on recordings that failed to see if a second try will correctly generate the thumbnails. Until then, you’ll have to blindly fast forward through commercials and occasionally hit play to see if you have gone far enough, to far or still in the middle of the commercial break.

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I see this on about 5-10% of my recordings - tends to be completely random to me. When I watch them the picture seems to be ok. Normally it only takes ~15 mins to create thumbs on a 1 hr show.

Can we please get a button to force thumbnail generation for a recording? So many times when a show gets done recording I try to go watch it and there’s no thumbnails. So then I back out and give it a few minutes to generate thumbnails but I never know if it’s actually going to do that or not.

Are you seeing any of the scenarios mentioned in this article that might explain why you sometimes aren’t seeing them?

Tablo FAQs – Why Don’t I Always See Fast Forward Preview Thumbnails on Tablo? | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo (