Not able to watch recorded shows

On Roku I use the Tablotv Preview app Go to Recordings and it just shows the Spinning icon. If I go via Chrome via phone or tablet it shows Recordings but when I attempt to show any of them it shows 0:00 on time. If I go to the Tablo Ripper it shows the recordings and I can rip them to my computer. I’ve got lights showing on the Tablo and on the drive. The Tablo shows that it sees the Hard drive. I can play live TV without a problem. It just appears to be with attempting to watch the recordings. It is still recording the scheduled shows. Hardware: HD Antenna all channels good, Linksys E4200, Toshiba V73600-A 500GB drive, Roku2 XD, Roku3 (x2). Everything has been working great for months and now I cannot watch my recordings.


Does the released version of the Tablo channel do the same thing?

Yes removed the old released version of the Tablo because it was slow and wasn’t sure if the two where conflicting. I’ll be glad when they release the newest version of the Tablo for Roku.

Have you rebooted everything?

Several times and I even left it powered off for an hour and then powered back up to see if it was because of the heat. I have it setup so that there is airflow all the way around and under the Tablo so it really doesn’t get that hot, but just to be sure. Recording Quality= HD 720p -Roku/Chromecast

tried unplugging the hard drive and plugging it back in?

Can you watch Live TV on 2 different channels on 2 different devices?

I want to see if the HDD is working properly. You need the HDD for multiple streams.

Hard drive working fine.

OK, but you disconnected it from the Tablo and plugged it back into the Tablo?

Tablo - quad watching 1 channel recording 2 channels seems to work fine. Just can not watch recorded.

It appears that I cannot watch two separate channels at the same time. I start watching Channel 2-1 on the Roku and then attempt to bring up Channel 9-1 on a PC, Android or MAC and it gives me the Error “Player Error Couldn’t Play Live Stream”. This is a Tablo-Quad and I should be able to have at least four different channels going at one time.

Correct which is why I think the HDD is the problem.


I used the Tablo Ripper to rip the recordings to my PC so I can watch what was recorded and then replaced the drive. Still seem to have the problem can watch TV on at least one channel. I have 3 TV’s going now on different channels but every now and then they go back to Home (tablo appears to drop off). Sometimes I can get three different channels going and then all of a sudden two of them will drop off. I also rearranged my network. I did have the Rokus and Tablo on their on network and would attach to that network with phones, pc, android or MAC when watching from those devices, I now have everything on the same network and the problem is still happening but intermittently. All connections are reading excellent from the devices. Starting to wonder if the Tablo is going bad.


The channel will drop after the show/movie is over in my experience.

@ChrisKeen - It does sound like your hard drive might be the issue here. Our support team would be happy to take a look and confirm this for you if you drop them a note:

Swapped the drive out on Sunday and I’ve recorded a few shows hopefully I’ll be able to check it out tonight.

Oh I did submit a request on Saturday just before I got on to the Community board. I supply all my info but some of it changed because I swapped the hard drive.

OK - keep us posted! Let’s hope the drive swap is the key to success.

Still not working on Rokus or Android tablets/phone using Chrome. I can see the recordings on my Android phone and tablets with Chrome but cannot watch the recordings. I’ve tried on 3 different rokus and it doesn’t work. I can see the recordings on my MAC and can watch them with Safari but not with Chrome. Strange. I’ve replied to support.