Not Able To Open The App On My PC

Greetings to all, I have installed Tablo App on my Windows 10 PC. But I am having a problem friends. When I try to open the app, I am getting this error message “The application is not responding, the program may respond again if you wait.” I dont know what could be the issue. Could someone please help me to fix the issue? Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

“Any kind” - Consider an alternative OS!

Until a Windows expert comes along, maybe use a browser so you can have some use.
Confirm there’s no “protection” software impeding it’s function.
Follow Window’s suggestion and wait.
Linux Mint is super user friendly especially transitioning from a life of Windows.
Get a Mac.

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As @djk44883 suggested, try in a browser just to get you working. I’d try uninstalling/reinstalling the app.


After posting the thread here, I started searching online and found one article related to the issue. They discussed few methods and the most important solution of the issue update the outdated graphics driver. As per the article’s suggestion I updated this and turn off the Windows defender. Sometimes the antivirus software would not support to install such kind of tools or app.

Anyway, now I have no longer any issues while opening the app and working on it :blush:. Thank you.

Could be one or the other? I almost suggested making sure everything is up-to-date but figured it was obvious.
There had been issues with various settings for “protection” set too high or otherwise interfering with accessing tablo devices. Suspect something with starting a connection to the internet and then over local LAN, but it’s Windows so it’s unclear why things sometimes don’t work …I think.

In the end, it’s great you can have an enjoyable tablo experience. And appreciate the reply-back. All too often there’s a single fly-by post. Someone else may encounter this issue and your link may be helpful.