Not able to connect outside of house

I’m not able to connect to my Tablo Dual Lite via the PC at work (chrome browser with myaccount). I went into my Tablo’s settings (apple TV) and wasn’t able to find anything about ‘port forwarding.’
Any ideas?

While I know nothing about apple, I was always under the impression, you had to sync the device at home before remote connect. I sync my tablet at home and then it finds my remote connection1

As @Datasurgeon pointed out, try to connect at home first by Checking and unchecking in the remote Connect area …most routers will
Automatically fwd your correct ports.

Using iPhone or android phone

Then remote connect in your home
Then go down the road out of your routers range
And try to connect

If that doesn’t work you will need to port fwd

Also search …reserve Tablo IP address in your

If you still need assistance
Call Tim @ support

First of all, where’s ‘Tablo Connect?’ Secondly,

As Datasurgeon stated, for remote access the device you are using remotely must first be synced with Tablo on your home network. So you would have to bring your work computer home & sync it. Then you would be able to connect to your Tablo at work as long as you have remote connect enabled. You’ll find the remote connect option under settings.

This ‘remote settings’?

Correct. It looks like it is enabled and any routing/ports configuration is good.

I would note you have Full Quality set as your streaming quality, which, depending on the upload speed for the physical location of the Tablo may be unrealistic. I have mine set to 1 Mpbs.

So at this point you should just need to connect your work PC to the same network as your Tablo once for things to “register” and Tablo Connect functionality should work.

Thanks @Nilex. The catch is that my work PC is a desktop.

Unfortunately, I do not believe there is any way around the fact that you must first sync it with your Tablo on your home network (maybe Tablo support can confirm this). So if there is no way of taking your work computer home then you are out of luck as far as accessing your Tablo from your work computer.

Well technically there is, I have remotely sync’d many a phones, tablets and computers with my Tablo using a VPN. I actually use a Roku remotely via a VPN, works well.

VPN server at the location where the Tablo is, and a VPN client say on a router at the remote location.

No need for physical pairing.

OK, so there is a possible work-around.

Can you give me an example of a VPN? link would be great.

It’s unfortunately not that easy. But I run a VPN Server on a router running DD-WRT firmware. You can run a VPN Server a computer on your local network as well.

I also run the VPN Client on a router running DD-WRT firmware.

An easy way to do it is below.

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