Not able to access live tv or recording.......Full HDD?!?!?

The other day I came home from work and was ready to watch some TV.


I first tried to access live TV.  I kept getting an error message via my Roku.  I moved on to try to access a recording for that night, again no good.


This was really the only time I have had any issues in the 2 months or so I have been using Tablo.


I opened the app on my iPad and looked toward the "live TV" tab and notice I was currently only recording on 1 channel; I have the 4-tuner.  I tried tuning a live TV channel through the app and I got the attached message.


I dug around a little and eventually found the problem.  My HDD was full.


After deleting a lot of programs, especially duplicates, I freed up 300-400GB of space and everything began working correctly again.


@tablosupport it would be more helpful to customers if the app/device would just inform us that we are getting close or filled up our HDD.  The message I got doesn’t even refer to the HDD at all (as you can see).


With that said, I enjoy the device and know you guys will make the necessary changes in future updates…


Thanks for listening to my little story….

sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to post a screen shot in the message…

Figured it out.... lol


@rockbayou I am curious, are you using the hard drive space to keep shows around you like? Or do you just record that many that can fill up the drive?

I tend to record, watch, delete, so I never will have this issue

@rockbayou - We’ve got an update in the next release that will make this issue a thing of the past.

But wow, you must record a LOT of TV to have filled up your drive already! :) 

We have cut the cord… so no cable means, i have to record a lot of programs for my wife, to keep her happy.  @jestep, my wifelikes  shows like modern family and big bang theory, which are in syndication, so i have the Tablo set to record all episodes ( i basically have 120-150 of each show sitting on there).  That way, she always has something to watch when getting ready for work, etc. So i do hold a good deal of TV programs on here… 

After I did a purge on the recordings, I am back to about half my drive being available.  

Also, I didn’t realize until I was looking around the settings, I had been recording in 1080 instead of 720.  So everything was taking up monster space…

I also have gotten into managing my recordings weekly. I go through them all and delete what isn’t needed anymore…