Not a fan of the new fourm

@TabloTV if you can just darken up the page elements that are light grey to say a darker grey it would help a lot … the text itself is ok and it shows black but it just looks lost on the page and whatever shade of grey you guys are using for other onscreen elements (boxes borders, post gadgets (edit, reply etc) is just too light it clashes horribly with the white background … so if you just “upped” the overall color contrast scheme it would help a great deal to improve the readability of the forums … Thanks for atleast looking into it.

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Yea this is interesting, to me it is white background with black letters. Gret on quotes an grey on @yourname references.

I think they just need to make the grey a few shades darker to improve readability … (i.e. wherever its being used… )

Exactly where do you mean? I know there are a lot of different colors going on, but I am not sure I understand where you are specifically speaking of.

Here … I pointed them out … they just need to darken up these sort of graphic elements on the page to improve readability.

Ok, now I know what you are talking about, but it still doesn’t look too bad to me :wink:

But again, I think it is just personal preferences. Now, if we could set our own preferences that would be great :smile:

That all darkens on mouseover though doesn’t it?

Wow… Looks a lot darker on my monitor. That is quite light.

Like I said, looking in to getting this tweaked for you guys.