Not a fan of the new fourm

Seems very clunky using it on an iPad, hard to navigate very slow. I hope I can get used to it. This is all after I had to reset my password and my profile picture.

I liked the old forum format on my iPhone, but I do prefer the new forum format on the computer. It’ll just take time to get used to.

I use google login, which means no reset of password… And yes, I actually told them it will take a while to get used to the new format. It is different that is for sure :wink:

Ya I still have mixed feelings on it, but then again it’s something new so I’ll have to get used to it and learn how to navigate a little easier.

A native android app for this forum would be very welcomed…

My new Tablo arrived, looks different than I expected :stuck_out_tongue:

I like I can add local image files now :wink:



Which Tablo did you buy?

@theuser86 Just joking, can you not see the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

I d io n’t like the new forum on S-5. Suggest Google groups or something.

I hadn’t looked on my S5 until you mentioned it. It’s different obviously and will take time. But not to bad, but I think it is going to be personal preference

In the preferences you can set the display to Desktop mode or Mobile mode, maybe that will make a difference for some devices.

I kinda like it…

Im not a fan of the theme they are using … on the desktop its visually very hard to see where comments end and controls start etc… its not visually segregated so it makes trying to read the forums harder then the previous visual design… eg there are no visual borders to things… it all just looks like its thrown on the same page all higgly piggly wiggly …otherwise I like the software but I do wish visually they would do something more like the old forums…

the layout needs more visual contrast… I think if they improved that it would be much easier to navigate, read and use.

i like it :slight_smile:

Its too hard to read… they need to just tweak the contrast of the colors a bit … light light grey on white is very hard on the eyes…

Looks nice on the Note 4

I’ve used it a couple days now and I do not like it at all. I saw nothing wrong with the old forums from a user perspective.

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I also liked the old forum much better.

The old forum was pretty bad if you ever tried to search for anything. I think this new one will just take some getting used to.

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Dont like it, not compatible with explorer 8. It is the only browser installed on are computers at work and we don’t have permission to install or update any software.

Hrm… To me the text looks black. That being said, I’m looking in to how we can adjust the contrast a bit.

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