No update in 30+ days?

I guess more a question for the devs than anyone else…It’s been over a month since there has been any update whatsoever to the Gen 4 Tablos, whether firmware, mobile apps or TV/streamer apps. Can SOMEONE from @TabloTV please provide us an update on what’s going on? For a product that came out so recently, I am really surprised by the dearth of updates.


With a pile of troubleshooting done of my end against my Gen4 Tablo.

(look at my first ever post and you will see the long post)

With 4 Roku TVs, 2018 Ultra, Brand-new Ultra, and 4K+… my system works. I took me a while to level out my network / wireless domain, but I got it acclimated to the Tablo. It’s been running fine.

With that said, I’m waiting on an update of what has been done to fix whatever being fixed. Or progress report of what’s up. I’m curious is what the issue is for others that I’m not having (anymore).