No tuner available but. Should be

I have the two Tuner version. Both were in use so I stopped recording on the second one. I was going to record the next movie after that, but I canceled recording of it. However, with everything canceled on the second one I’m still getting the error that there’s no tuner available. I then stop recording of the first movie, so both tutors are not recording however I still get the error. I even went and removed the channels for my lineup and I still have the air. Help!

Firmware 2.2.40

Reboot fixed it. How about putting a reboot option in the next firmware update, so we don’t have to unplug it reboot it?

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Hi @Slick1ru2, when you say you were getting the “No Tuner Available” error, what were you trying to do that caused it to appear?

As well, what device are you using your Tablo on? (ex. Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, etc)