No Tabloxxxx ssid to select

Trying to set up a new Tablo Quad to work wireless. I’ve read all the guides and watched many YouTube videos to make sure I’m doing it correctly. However, the Tabloxxx network never shows as an option to connect. I’ve tried many resets, reboots, made sure the router was set for WPA security and changed channels to 1,6,11, etc. Made sure the eithernet cable is NOT connected but the Tabloxxx network never broadcasts.

I’ve tried to connect on my Android Pixel 4A as well as my laptop but again, the network isn’t available to connect to. I’ve submitted a support ticket, but of course it’s the weekend and nobody is available. Any suggestions?

This is my first Tablo experience (long time Tivo user), so I’m REALLY disappointed.

Most modern wireless access points can support both 2.4 and 5GHz connectivity, is possible your devices are on 2.4 while Tablo is on 5?

Does the Tablo show as an active device in your AP/router?

I think the tabloxxx network is a wifi direct connect network. Some OS’s and devices come with the WiFi direct connect turned off. Could this be your problem.

Good thought, but nope, still won’t show the Tabloxxx network to connect.

I can only get it to work when connected via ethernet cable. It won’t allow me to do the process to even get on wireless.

I would leave it wired but put it in maintenance mode. Open a ticket and see what support has to say.

If the device is wired and you access it via the browser - Do you see an add via wifi button. I’ve never used it but maybe that will work.

I’ve sent in a ticket request but was hoping to get it up and running this weekend. The problem with having it wired is everything says to be sure the ethernet cable is NOT connected when attempting to connect wireless. Apparently when the cable is connected it disconnects the wireless capability.

But if you can keep it connected via ethernet, why would you want to switch to Wifi? The ethernet connection to your router will always be better than the Wifi connection.

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I’m in a rental unit. The only DSL connection is in a windowless room, no antenna reception. I need to move the antenna to a window in the next room and need a wireless connection

Powerline ethernet bridge.

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