No Tablo was found on your network - Can't reboot

So tonight when trying to access my Tablo from my Roku 3 I got a message that sad “No Tablo was found on your network”.  Similarly I tried accessing from my Android phone and my iPad, none of which were able to find or connect to my Tablo.  So I tried to press the blue button on the back to do a reboot.  According to the support page when you press and (immediately) release the blue button the LED on the front of the tablo should blink to indicate a reset.  This didn’t happen, no reboot seemed to occur and the problem persists…no connection to Tablo from any app.

I did the firmware update 2.1.24 the other day and the new FF/REW function seemed to work fine, but now I’m wondering if this has created another problem.
I’ve only had my tablo for a couple weeks, so it’s troubling to be having issues with it so soon.

I applied the update and mine is dead now too.  Roku can’t find it nor can a browser.  Physically re-started 2X.  Same

Contact Tablo Support tmrw morning.

I updated to .24 with no problems.

There is some post-update database work that takes a few minutes so you are unable to connect during this short period.

@djcarey83 - yes, press/release of the blue reset button should start the blue led blinking, and trigger a reboot.  If the led doesn’t start blinking, pull the power plug.  However, probably a good idea to contact TabloSupport so they can look at the logs etc.

@djcarey83 @django363 Were you guys able to get connected? Not sure if I got a ticket from you or not.

i did submit a support ticket.
I did eventually get it going with a hard reset (unplug/plug in)