No Tablo network on our network

First time user. Tried multiple resets on Tablo. Installing using the wi fi instructions. My android phone works successfully, shows channels etc. However, the LG OLED tv , our p.c. never show the Tablo network? Therefore the t.v. has no input signal?

Reboot your router.

Install the Tablo app on your LG HDTV.

The Tablo network will only show up during the initial connection phase during setup.

Think of it like a door your home network creates to invite the Tablo into your home. Once your Tablo gives your home network the password for the door (your home network), that door disappears because the Tablo has been ‘approved’.

There’s no need to do the full setup of the Tablo on each device. In fact you can’t because the Smart TV apps don’t have this capability. You simply need to download the Tablo app and your other devices will be able to locate the Tablo on your network immediately.