No Tablo found on my network after I just finished watching a show?

@tablosupport So I finish watching a recorded show via Roku 1 (which is only wireless remember), I delete the show and go back to the Recordings section and gray box pops up saying lost connection or something like that. I click ok, it thinks for a bit then a screen with the beautiful picture of a Tablo box appears telling me that no Tablo was found on my network.  This never happens unless I’m watching through the Tablo app.  Never.  And it has happened on all three of our Roku 1s. I click search again and no luck. I check the Tablo, looks good, cool blue light and everything, the HD light is on solid so it’s working for someone, and then I check the laptop and it’s connected to the Tablo just fine.  I can search my recordings, check out Live TV, watch a show, etc.  I go back to the great Tablo picture on the TV and click search again and then it connects.  The fact that my Rokus never do this with any other app says to me it’s a Tablo app issue. I wish I wouldn’t have waited to report it but I am now.  Have you heard of this and is there anything that can be done to avoid it?  Thanks.  

This sounds more like a networking issue than the Roku Tablo channel.

I have Roku 3s and this never happens. Maybe TabloSupport can replicate it on a Roku 1.

I can agree to it possibly being a networking issue but only to the extent that it’s a Tablo channel/Roku issue as it NEVER happens while watching any of the the countless other apps/channels on Roku and we have owned the Rokus since Feb 2014 with two of the three getting used an enormous amount of time so plenty of opportunity for them to drop connectivity with other channels but don’t.  I do not understand in the least how the channels work but the fact that it’s ONLY the Tablo channel to me makes it a no-brainer.  Determining why and fixing it though, well I’m glad we have brainers on our side.  @tablosupport Please let them know it happened after watching 33 minutes of a 30 minute (remember that issue of mine? haha) recorded show, deleting it and then selecting a new 60 minute recorded show to watch. At least that’s how it went down this time.  @theuser86 I’m thinking the Tablo channel is asking something of or doing something to my network unnecessarily which is causing the hiccup. And was that a dig to me still having the 1s?  :))

No it wasn’t a dig. It was more to say yes I haven’t seen the issue but it could be because I’m using a different Roku.

I know, I know.  And thanks for helping.  I’m hoping I’m not the only one using the 1 but I’m surprised there isn’t anyone else who has experienced this.  It’s tough to see if things have been discussed before as when I do a search there can be a lot of irrelevant results shown. 

Is your Tablo wireless too?

No it’s wired directly to the router

@mullermj You referenced the ‘great Tablo’ picture a couple of times - is this something you haven’t seen before, or doesn’t at least appear familiar? Feel free to PM me a screenshot of this if you can… We’ll take a look on our end.

@tablosupport I’m crossing my fingers it does not happen again but I’ll try to remember to snap a pic for you if it does.  And yes I had seen it before during the same previous errors of the same nature. From what I remember it was a blue background with a picture of a Tablo box telling me no box was found and I think it talks about connecting via Roku on that screen as well.  Then I think there were a couple of boxes I could select and one I believe was “search again”.  I’m guessing this is the first time anyone has heard of this?

We see this when there’s an update, or your clear your cache… basically any operation that forces you to reassociate your Tablo device.  I’m pretty sure that’s the screen you are referring to.

@cjcox Thanks but It’s a Roku. I didn’t clear a cache and there was no update. Looking like something caused the Tablo to forget where it was or at least that it knew the Roku.

@mullermj, is it a Roku 3?  I noticed that it’s hard for the Tablo app to stay stable on my Roku XD (it used to be ok).  I figure something in memory is getting trounced.  But it’s just a guess.  I haven’t noticed the problem, or at least it hasn’t show itself on any of my Roku 3’s (I predict it’s possible to have the same app stability problems with a Roku 1/2).

Anyhow, I can watch about 15  min. or so on the XD before things start getting flaky… in particular Live TV.  I know that in some cases it loses contact with the Tablo.  And sometimes I do get the connection screen, but usually caused by some other flakiness, but I only get that when using the Tablo app.

@mullermj May have been a misunderstanding on my part - the ‘No Tablo Found’ screen is normal (obviously not in this case). It just sounded like it was an out of place screen the way I interpreted it. My bad!

@cjcox All of mine are Roku 1s. Nothing on the Tablo site mentioned any kind of deteriorated quality (or superior for that matter) with any viewing platform so there shouldn’t be any and I hope no one thinks this kind of stuff is ok or expected. I know you have a deeper knowledge about this than many of us on here and your help is definitely appreciated.

@tablosupport This behavior is not and should never be considered normal. As a matter of fact I’m watching a recorded show at the moment and just tried to FF through a commercial with the quick 2x taps and it’s frozen again. 7 minutes and counting. While these types of errors are happening frequently we can’t have the Tablo developers wanting us to feel it’s normal. I see too many people saying they have Roku wifi connection problems so it’s not just mine. And nothing else on my network has any connection problem. Please let them know again. Thanks.

@mullermj, my Roku XD in many ways is lesser than even a Roku 1 (mine has half the memory and arguably less horsepower).  I’m thinking that when the new Roku app comes out, a Roku 3 may become a requirement… though as I mentioned, I’m already seeing problems with my Roku XD (a 2nd gen product, vs. the Roku 1, 2, 3, the new stick and TVs, which are 3rd gen).

Roku 1 and 2 are pretty much the same with regards to anything Tablo app related.  The Roku 3 is a significant processor boost.

So you’d think that since the memory is the same on the 3rd gen units, there wouldn’t be such an issue (???), except maybe some sluggishness of the 1 or 2 vs. the 3.

I’m baffled currently.  Unfortunately, all my 3rd gen Roku’s are Roku 3’s.