No sub-folders recorded shows

Using Tablo Tools 0.2.4_amd64

Creates TV recordings but does not place them into the show, or show sub-folder. Did previously as I have numerous such folders to remind me. Figure either I did something unintended or the application no longer handles that. Can someone enlighten me here?

Although Tablo Tool can be automatically updated… so things could “suddenly change” (supposedly). There have not be any new released since 0.2.4 – it’s most likely a ID10T error :wink:

It pretty much come down to your naming templates after you set your export paths. I have some elaborate naming schemes, it creates paths as needed.

Going to need more than - It used to work, now it doesn’t.

So the process should be naming/editing the templates THEN create the export path?

That’s kind of the oppisite after you set your export paths.

The templates ues the export path as the base or default directory.

That is what I had been doing. Like adding the episode title information while leaving the episode path alone.

May have also complicated the issue by having two different operating systems access the same tablo tools saved files device.