No sound on TV from Roku when Tablo & Roku set to surround sound

I have 3 TVs and a PC in the house that I use to view programs recorded on my Tablo. When I enable surround sound on the Tablo it works with my LG OLED TV Webos app, a Roku stick on an older Samsung LCD TV and on the PC using the Win10 app. I cannot get it to work on a 2009 Toshiba LCD TV using either a Roku 2 or the same Roku stick I use on the other TV. The Roku are set to output Dolby Digital and the TV does have a setting to enable Digital audio but I cannot get any sound when it is set to Digital.

Any advice or do I need a new TV? Sucks that this one TV is holding up enjoying surround on my LG big screen setup.


What is the exact make and model of your Toshiba HDTV? Older HDTVs do not support Dolby audio (5.1 AC3) audio over the HDMI input.

Yes, I know all these HDTVs can decode 5.1 AC3 audio from the ATSC OTA tuner, but that is different than decoding it over an HDMI.

It’s a 37RV525RZ. I think I’m out of luck, found in the specs that the HDMI input supports “2-channel Linear-PCM”. Doesn’t mention 5.1 AC3 at all.

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I’m thinking of picking up a used TV to replace my Toshiba. Any idea if an Insignia NS-39L240A13 circa 2012 would work with the Tablo/Roku surround sound?