No sound on Tablo, one channel only


At the outset, let me say that I believe this is NOT a Tablo problem, but rather a config issue at the local station. I’m hoping to get more info so I can talk to the station engineer.

One low-power station in our market has COZI and Get-TV, along with 4 shopping and religious outlets. I have a strong signal on all channels, with no video dropouts. All channels are broadcast in SD.

The main channel is COZI. We receive no audio on this channel with the Tablo. (Audio is fine on all other sub-channels.) When I’ve connected the antenna directly to several TVs, most had no audio, BUT a couple did have normal audio. I’ve checked to TVs to see what settings are “different”, but cannot identify them. All TVs are using the “default” settings as defined by the manufacturer.

My Tablo system plays out via Roku units, connected via HDMI.

Has anyone experienced this before? What settings am I missing, or what questions should I be asking the engineer? I’ve checked with some friends nearby and some are reporting “no sound”. Others do not have a problem.

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I have seen my Roku give me one channel with no audio before, and confirmed that flipping to other channels that they did have audio. I rebooted my Roku only and not any other device, and it fixed the issue.


Rebooting the Roku has no effect. I’ve tried tuning into the channel (45-1) with different Roku units (older model 2 & 3 as well as the newer, smaller Roku Express +). All work fine with Tablo but cannot get sound on this one channel. There is no problem when I hook the Tablo antenna directly to the Vizio TV.

Not quite sure what is going on with the sound on this one channel and how they have it encoded that makes it “not be there” for this one channel through the Tablo.


Out of curiosity, do you suddenly hear audio when you turn on/off the Surround Sound setting?


Hope everyone at Tablo HQ had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Welcome back to the “grind”.

I’ve not even turned on surround sound yet on my Tablo, as none of my equipment is capable of handling it. Just plain old boring stereo is good enough for us!


Thanks Jim! We’re all a few pounds heavier today, but it’s all worth it.

Fair enough… I was just wondering if turning on that setting would result in sound and if then we’d have another datapoint that the weirdness is coming from the broadcaster.

The only way to know 100% is for you to set a recording on that channel and for our engineers to look at it more closely.


I will do that later today and let you know when it is available. I will also remember to put the Tablo in heartbeat mode so they can get in to take a look.


Per your request, I’ve recorded two short “test” segments: one with surround sound on, the other with it off, from the channel in question (COZI, 45-1). On my end, there is no difference in audio – there is no audio.

The program is “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and each segment is about 30 seconds long. The “my pillow” commercial segment is the one with surround sound on.

I will forward this info, along with the “last 4” to Tablo Support after putting unit in heartbeat mode.

I suspect this IS NOT a problem in the Tablo, but rather a simple mis-wiring at the station. It is a low power outlet, running 6 SD programs over its main. This is the only one lacking audio. It is an outlet run by a Seventh Day Adventist congregation and its chief engineer is a pastor, who is often hard to get hold of. I’m hoping someone has seen this before and can give me some “clues” to pass along to him.