No sound on new NBC station in Boston?

Channel 60 in Boston is now NBC. I don’t get any sound for this station. Picture is fine, but no sound. Any ideas?

I get sound but still missing program guide data for this channel

@TabloSupport how’s my ticket I logged a few weeks ago progressing about missing channel guide data?

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I have the guide. So strange.

@ericgus Should be available now; I believe our team sent over a note with something to try.

@Marvin_Loh Try removing the channel from your Tablo’s lineup, then re-adding it. Does this help you to get sound?

Yes they did … thanks… had a bit of trouble with the tablo actually crashing when trying to add the channels back but seems ok now… (I started it up without the hard drive and just let it sit there a while and did the channel work w/o the hard disk) that seemed to work… updating the guide now finally. And so far I see program data for the new boston channel but I seem now to be missing guide data for channels I had before (but the guide refresh hasn’t completed so maybe its not downloaded … still watching)

EDIT: missing data seems ok now … but as a result of the channel scan I lost one of my channels (so I need to run scans again to try to get a scan result that has ALL my channels … I noticed every time I run a channel scan, I often get back different results… sometimes channels aren’t found that are in other scans (also the signal strength show can vary wildly … it would be nice to be able to “lock” channels so they dont get dropped in future scans)