No sound on HDMI ota tablo

I have an HDMI connected ota tablo. The sound was working now it is not. All other devices connected to my Samsung tv are working. No sound on live tv, old recordings or new recordings. Picture looks great. The settings in tablo are surround off and pcm variable.

The sound
just quit working. Tried reset multiple times.

Have you tried a different HDMI cable?

Yes, I put a known good one on it. No help.

did you try connecting to a different HDMI port?

Yes even though other components were working fine on those other ports already.

Could the tablo box have gone bad? Is there any way to test it?

Have you contacted @TabloSupport? They may have some troubleshooting tips you can try.

If your surround is off and PCM is set to variable, then it’s possible that your Tablo was accidentally muted separate from the TV. Try adjusting the volume using the Tablo remote, rather than the TV remote.

Additionally, do you have HDMI CEC turned on in Settings?

You sir or mam are a genius! The volume on the tablo remote was all the way down. I never use that so didn’t think of that. :flushed: Don’t I feel dumb​:pleading_face: thank you. Merry Christmas.

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