No sound on certain channels / shows after update

After updating firmware (device 2.2.34, 1.9.5 build 987 [202103151339) I don’t get sound on either my iphone or roku or smart roku tv, but only on certain channels. both live and recorded.

After looking at many recordings, I see that the no sound problem started a month or two ago. It may have started with a previous update.

i don’t have surround sound on. I cycled it. But no change.

Again, it’s only certain channels. and certain programs. Jeopardy and Wheel to name a few.

Are you still seeing this problem on a few channels? If so, try removing them from your guide and re-adding them. Then record a few shows as a test and watch them: are they still missing audio?

Don’t hesitate to send our support team a ticket with the details.

I am seeing this problem only (currently) on a single channel - 7. Most live & recorded programs have sound. A few don’t. Same channel.

Jeopardy and Wheel used to, many months ago, have sound. Now they don’t. At random times today I looked on that channel & sub-channels and sound was good. I will check sub-channels tonight when the main channel does not have sound.

Deleting and adding the channel back did not change anything.