No Sound on Android App or Windows 10 Browser viewing

I have recordings and they play awesome on the Roku as does watching live TV. However, when I try to watch via in chrome on windows 10 or using the Tablo app for Android (latest has been downloaded) I get a great picture but no sound.

Please help … not sure where to turn

You probably have 5.1 enabled. Try turning it off.

5.1 is a global setting. You can’t play 5.1 on Windows (unless you’re on the Edge browser, yet some people still have problems), and you can’t play 5.1 in most native Android apps. VLC will play it.

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Interesting enough, I found that if I am outside of my network watching on browser, it works, probably because the down-grade in quality I have selected for streaming outside.

Correct if the remote streaming quality is set to less than full quality then the audio is re-encoded to 2.0 AAC audio