No Sound live or recordings

I can play old recordings and they play fine with sound, but currently, all recordings and live TV have no sound at all. I’ve tried re-setting my Tablo with no luck.

After reading a few more posts, I checked my settings and unchecked surround sound. And my sound is back! Thanks for this great community!


What playback device are you using?

Most HDTVs can decode the 5.1 AC3 surround sound audio.

I had tried my Sony smart TV, my laptop and my phone. None of them had sound. On my TV I tried both the TV speakers and my soundbar. It’s fine. The sound is good without that.

I have two TCL tvs and a Vizio, none of which can play surround sound recordings. All of these tvs have a different variety of surround. Surround sound improves both volume and clarity. I can’t record any programs in surround because of this issue. Is there some kind of a work around for this issue?

Are you using native Tablo apps on these TVs? This could be why.

If you had a Roku or Fire TV for example connected to the TV via an HDMI cable, the surround sound would work.

I bought a new Vizio TV a few weeks ago that has a native Tablo app, and while I don’t use it (prefer the Roku), I did just confirm that surround sound turned on works fine in the native app (as well as the Roku app).

@gfearz, how are you accessing the Tablo app on these TVs?

Did Vizio just add a Tablo app?

Yeah, the surround on the Tablo is problematic in that regard. For a device designed to stream to multiple devices/platforms, they sure botched the implementation of surround. Like you, I had to disable it.

Thanks for your response. My Vizio V 2019 model doesn’t have a native Tablo app, I have a Roku 4k stick attached. TV is set to surround on. Roku set to audio mode Dolby Digital and HDMI Dolby Digital. TV still says “Your Roku is not connected to a device that supports surround sound”.
My older Roku TV has the native app. Says the same thing.
My new Roku TV works correctly but it has a sound bar. This may be my only solution for the other tvs.

Sorry you’re running into these issues with Surround Sound. We have been tracking an issue with Roku where the device isn’t reporting the correct Surround Sound state back to the app.

Out of curiosity, what Roku operating system version are you running? 9.2 or 9.3?

The only solution that seems to work 100% of the time is a full factory reset of the Roku device.

A small subset of Vizio TVs are running Android now.

Ignore what I said earlier. I was thinking since I bought it from Costco that it was a Vizio, but it is a Samsung. My bad.

My Roku is running 9.2. The factory reset did solve the Surround problem. Hope I don’t have to do that again. Thanks for the solution.

We’re hoping the updates in the 9.3 release will keep this from happening.

Glad the reset did the trick though!

Dang, got me all excited for a second! :wink: