No sound (audio) on the WB network -- Any Help?

If I plug my antenna into a TV I get channel 35-1 (WB network) with good picture and sound.
Same antenna cable plugged into the tablo and I do not get sound when viewing live tv or on recordings from that channel. I was reading a similar thread on the forums with someone else has this issue, and a rescan fixed the problem for him. I have tried multiple channel scans and the result is always the same. No audio on the channel when connected to tablo-4 tuner box. (Like I said, the channel audio works find connected directly to my TV).

Anyone have any solutions for this problem?

Hi Paul! Quick question about the rescan: did you remove the channel from your lineup first? Try that: Settings > Edit channel lineup > Remove the ‘check mark’ on the channel in question > Select Add to guide. Wait a few minutes, then re-add the channel; does it have audio now?

I will try it.
It would be nice if the rescan remembered which stations you had in your line up so you didn’t have to manualy add the ones that you want each time you rescan.

I hear you, mate! I hate always having to uncheck the same channels over and over again. It’s almost enough to turn one salty.