No Sound: All Web Browsers and Windows 10/ Android APP

Ever since the 5.1 Surround update, sound only works through the Roku App.

Web Browsers:

  • Chrome = No Sound
  • Firefox = No Sound
  • Edge = Can’t connect to Tablo


  • Windows 10 = No Sound
  • Android = No Sound
  • Roku = Working

I have tried clearing browser cache, uninstalling apps and resting the Tablo. Nothing fixes the sound issue. We waited a very long time for them to add the surround sound feature and I’m not going to turn it off. My PC sound card supports 5.1 audio and other Windows 10 apps play 5.1 audio fine. Also, I can play video on YouTube and other video streaming sites without the issue.

Does anyone know if Tablo is working on this issue or are the apps that no longer work being considered obsolete?

Surround Sound is not supported on Windows, browsers, and most Android mobile devices: