No "settings" in the Tablo app for Roku?

Just checking … I clicked around in the Tablo app on my Rokus … and I cannot find a “settings” screen. Is that how it is? Or maybe I missed it and there is a “settings” screen.

I’m just asking because all of the other Tablo apps that I have tried (android, Fire TV stick) have a “settings” screen. So I sort of imagine that every Tablo app must surely have a “settings” screen.


Unfortunately no, due to the Roku OS this limits changing the Settings on the Tablo.

Maybe one day it will get such a feature.

Thank you.

Also because of Roku OS, the Tablo app can not be used at a remote location such as a friends or parents house. Everything besides Roku can.


The question didn’t specify whether the desire was to display the settings or display and thereby change the settings.

It would seem rather unbelievable that the Roku app (because of the Roku OS) can’t perform even the basic capability of displaying the settings. The Roku app doesn’t seem to have a problem with displaying the tablo server information associated with Live TV, Recordings, Guide, and Scheduled.

If they implement a show settings, that might be able to be done on Roku, but not change them.

Tablo has already commented on this issue / question. The Roku “Settings” page will likely display relevant information about the Tablo was implemented but it will unlikely let you make changes to the settings such as channel scans, etc.

Really? REALLY?? There’s no way to change the settings on my Tablo if I have Roku? There’s no way to edit the channels now? I just got a TV with Roku built-in and a Tablo a couple days ago and now it looks like it all goes back to the store. Please someone tell me I’m missing something.

It really isn’t a big deal. Just use a computer, phone, or tablet to modify the settings on your Tablo. One of the great things about the Tablo is that you can control it with a wide variety of devices.

Ridiculous. Tablos own survey indicates that Roku is the prominent media player. It’s also the primary media player that doesn’t require a WAN connection. Plus the Roku may be preferred when accessing other OTT.

Yet the Roku app lacks basic functionality such as manual scheduling. Even when trying to use the Roku Guide to schedule a TV Show, a user has to navigate a monolithic list of shows.

Now it seems that some people think it’s normal to be required to use 2 devices when using a Roku.

Don’t get wound up about no settings on the Roku. We use the Roku all the time and never need to use any other programme. I use the ipad when I travel otherwise it’s just the roku. The wife is dead chuffed about the Roku.

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It’s been normal for the last 2 and half years. The AppleTv is the same way.

Going into settings on the Tablo should be a very rare event. When needed, use one of your many other internet connected devices to adjust the settings.

I’ve been using the tablo for a long time and have multiple servers.

If you search the forum you will find a thread from November of 2014 where Tablo had a new Roku app in development and promised WEB app level of functionality.

We still intend to reach this parity as soon as we can. The Roku (and now Apple TV) apps are both using different APIs than the rest of the Tablo’s apps, this is why the difference is there in the first place. But it remains on the roadmap.

That would be nice. But parity also implies that both the Roku app and the PC WEB app return the same results.

As an example, each of my 2 tablo servers has a 1TB drive attached. I’m not a digital hoarder so I don’t keep many recording laying around.

On tablo #1 the WEB app says I have 946GB of space available. Yet the Roku says I have 881GB available.

On tablo #2 the WEB app says I have 897GB available. The Roku says I have 835GB available.

It would seem that even the simplest of testing would require that the results displayed by both apps be somewhat close. 60+ gig doesn’t seem close to me.

Now that is a really interesting observation. I just tried it myself. My web app (on both PC and phone) shows 2.91 TB free. On my Roku, it shows 2.64 TB free, which is an even bigger discrepancy.

It looks like there is a bug in that calculation somewhere.

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I was in R&D software development for over 42 years. One of the first things you check is that all user visible information is complete and consistent across all user UI’s.

This discrepancy existed from the time the settings menu appeared in the Roku app.

So sometimes you kind of question a products development process.

I think seberal of us have programed or support.

That’s probably true. And that also implies that those with development experience need to properly report some of the more obvious problems so they get fixed.

This problem annoyed me for so long that I finally reported it so it could hopefully get fixed.

You have “Extend Live Recordings” set true. There is a football game in the grid that starts at 12:00PM(noon) and lasts until 3:30PM. So you schedule to record it. And then go to the beach.

You come home at 2:30PM and decide to watch the football game (the actual recording from the beginning) as it’s still recording. At 3:29PM your wife tells you to go to the store for some milk. So you pause the playback at 3:29PM. And back out to the upper menu.

When you return you then want to resume playback where you left off.

This works. But if you pause the playback at any time from 3:31PM until the extended recording time is finished you can only resume playback from the start.

We’ve confirmed a difference in the calculation of storage on the Roku and web apps, and we’ll be solving this in a future app update.