No Season or episode number for certain shows

So I have noticed on H&I that more of their shows are not going showing up as season and episode number. it makes it harder to record seasons as you dont know when the series starts or if they are being recorded in order. I dont know if this is a Tablo (guide supplier) issue or an H&I issue? I have seen it on other channels too but it is usually when they get new shows and will eventually get this fixed. Does anyone know if this is a something H&I has switched too or is it some other problem? @TabloTV

I’ve noticed guide problems with H&I and LaffTV. Not missing season and episode numbers but mislabeled episodes. Star Trek Voyager season 3 Episodes 8 and 9 are parts one and two of Future’s End. The guide labeled them both a Season 3 Episode 8 “Future’s End” so it never recorded one of them because of the don’t record dupes setting. I went to H&I online and there it said the second one was part II and I think it said episode 9 as well, can’t remember. As for LaffTV “That 70’s Show” I’m positive they mislabeled one of the two episodes, one named “Holy Crap!” and the other “Holy Craps”. I have some August recordings setup to hopefully prove this issue. I’m missing episode “Holy Craps” from my recordings collection.

I’ve noticed certain episodes missing over and over again when they rerun through seasons of certain shows and wonder if this mislabeling is the cause of it. Going to be watching those much closer in the future.

This would be an issue where your local H&I channel isn’t providing the series/ep info to the guide provider. Unfortunately it’s up to them to send it along but some stations get a bit lazy about that.

It’s possible, but there are also some episodes from certain series that have been pulled from syndication for various legal or content reasons.

Back in 11/30/18 and 12/2/18 those Voyagers shows were recorded correctly. But I also have a collection of “Other Seasons” some with a title others with just channel name.

I had issues with early sunday morning shows on the MTN network just wrong in the Guide. I Logged a case with tablo support and the next week it was sorted out. But that was a case of shows being broadcast at the wrong times.

I can rip Future’s End, Part II if you want.

Thanks Tablo TV. I was thinking some of these missing shows were because of legal/content issues, just needed someone to confirm it. I’ll get less angry now for missing them LOL.

You can still be cranky about it… We totally understand.

Next time you notice though, it’s worth googling the season/ep #. You may be able to find out the specific ‘why’.

A good example is the Flintstones Season 1 Episode 14 was recently skipped. I looked up the video online and that episode contained a culturally insensitive character depiction.

Here is the approach MeTV is taking:

“Thing is”, their demographic, understands it is wrong despite it’s veil of humor. Yes, I cringe when I watch some scenes from past eras… Just because it may have had some social acceptability, never made actually acceptable.

What MeTV does which offends me the most – edits content!! zoom and pan is pathetic! When you cut off the top of someone’s head, or you can’t see what’s going on “off screen” because they’ve zoomed in and cut off too much-- to fill modern screens? These shows were not or never intended to be 16x9 aspect ratio! When they alter the 4:9 aspect, altering the content… now that’s offensive! :frowning:

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Does anyone know where a list of missing shows is. should there be a thread started her of just missing shows? I have also noticed miss-numbered episodes but I am guessing that is on the local station as well.

It’s good to know that there will always be someone who determines what you find socially acceptable. Snowflakes need to leave the room, cover their eyes or look away.

Those old commercials from the 1950’s were great and often very humorous in 2020.

Thanks for the offer but no I will wait for it to come around again. It’s file size would be about 500 mb.

This is why I put in the survey that I would like to be able to edit the show title, episode and season of recorded shows. There are times where they get them wrong or there is no data, so it gets put under “other seasons”. If you do a manual recording of the episode, then it gets put in its own group and to me that’s not ideal. I’d much rather edit them and have them show up where the rest of the season is.


I confirmed the guide did mislabel an episode of That 70’s Show. Episode S03E20 Holy Craps was labeled as S02E23 Holy Crap!. There were 4 episodes played that day in order (S03E20,21,22,23) but S03E20 was labeled as S02E23. Glad my suspicions were correct because that was the last one I needed to complete the series.