No scrubbing with the new AppleTV 4K & Tablo App

Scrubbing through video is different with the new AppleTV 4K, you pause the video and place a finger/thumb onto the outer ring of the D pad, which results in an image of the D pad showing up on the video time line, then you can roll around either direction to scrub through video quickly.

This feature isn’t yet working on the TabloTV app, hoping it gets updates to include this very useful feature.

Hi @randyharris - Although there’s no image that pops up on the screen, you can still scrub with the newer Apple TV remote on the Tablo app using the center touch pad as well as use the buttons on the edges.

Which app are you using that you see this special image pop up?

I’ve tried and it doesn’t work.

You asked about the image that pops up, it’s in all other apps that support it. I can send a video if that helps.

Are you hitting pause before you start scrubbing?

A video of what you’re seeing on both the Tablo app and other apps and how you’re using the remote when you do so would be helpful.

I am pausing before trying to scrub, without success.

Can I upload video here on the forum, or should I host it somewhere and provide a link?

Hosting it elsewhere may allow you to upload a larger file. The forum does have an upload limit.

OK - I see what was happening, what I described is only for shows that are currently being recorded. I was watching the Suns Bucks game last night and it was still recording as I was watching it, can’t scrub a show currently being recorded. It does in fact work fine for shows that are fully recorded.

How long had the recording been in-progress when you tuned in?

We’ve found that scrubbing doesn’t work if you start playback immediately but it will if you wait a few minutes.

This may be related to how Apple TV handles open-ended playlists.

It was over three hours of recorded content when I started watching, but no scrubbing available.