No reset button

My Tablo Duo does not have a reset button. Is disconnecting the power cord my only reset option?

The Tablo network units have a blue “reset” button on the back, but the HDMI units reset a different way (Warning: the linked instructions perform an HDMI unit factory reset). Pulling power is probably your best bet.

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@TabloSupport here’s a KB Support article needed updating - as HDMI/TV Connected DVRs have no blue reset button. Seems the lack of clarity can/may cause misunderstandings.

Note, interchanging, titled Rebooting, by resetting. Is it a reset? If so, what is actually reset? (in progress recordings or unresponsiveness?) Or is it a reboot? with a button labeled reset? :wink:

@TabloSupport even the instructions that came in the box with my unit described the non-existent blue reset button. It’s definitely a source of confusion.

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Good point! We’re in the process of updating the article mentioned above now.

@Kpm62 The Tablo HDMI has its own Quick Start guide, which doesn’t mention any blue reset buttons. Can you confirm that you instructions that you received do mention it? If so, it sounds like you received the wrong quick start guide, and we’d like to investigate this. Please feel free to send a photo of the quick start guide via DM.

It’s been a while since we purchased the Tablo Duo, so I don’t have the quickstart guide. But it was the wrong one. My wife and I purchased it through Amazon, and the day it arrived, we puzzled over it for a while, but we finally just looked up some YouTube videos and figured things out on our own. I only reached out to this message board the other day because I’ve had to reboot the unit a few times. To do that, I’ve just unplugged it for 10 or 15 seconds. So, I wanted to find out if that was the best/recommended way to do it. But if you could tell me where to download the correct documentation for the unit, I would appreciate it.

You can view a full list of all the quick start guides here.

My Tablo Quad does not have a visual blue reset button. There is NO mention of that anywhere online or in Tablo docs.

In Settings there is a reset option… Is that the same thing as a reset. Reset being a short press of the button?
There is not a mention whatsoever about the settings reset which is software driven…
I just unplug and wait 10-15 seconds.


Here’s some info, including a “button” (option) in the Settings.

Reset is a catch-all term. - first say you’re rebooting your device, then claim you’re resetting it – not to be confused with a complete factory reset.

It’s been my understanding the blue button initiates a system reboot, which would first more eloquently shut it down before restarting. Generally, it seems most users power-cycle (pull the plug) to “reset”/reboot/restart/make-it-work-again

Hi @Jts_tabby,

The Tablo HDMI, unlike network-connected models, does not have a physical blue reboot button on the back. You can navigate to the Settings screen and scroll to the bottom where the ‘More Information’ option is. You can click ‘Restart’ from there, and that will reboot the unit.

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