No Reply to a Warranty

I have a 4th gen Tablo. I had it for 6 months. I noticed it stop working. The blue light is not on. I called Best Buy and they told me the warranty was under Tablo. I called Tablo, went through all the trouble shooting. Then I was told to make a video of me plugging it in and showing no blue light. No response from them. I keep getting the run around. Why would they offer a warranty if the don’t stand by it. The worst company I ever dealt with.

How long has it been since the no response?

It’s been about a week. Every time I contact them there’s always an initial response. They say there going to give me an answer and then nothing.

Hi there @busop63 I’ve flagged this with our support managers. The team will be in touch with you today.

We are always happy to honor our warranties and I’m sure we’ll be able to get this sorted for you shortly.

Thanks. I received an email saying there sending a replacement. :grinning:
Thanks to this web site I was successful in getting the warranty honored. :grinning:
Joe T


I finally received my replacement Tablo today. Tablo did Honor their Warranty.

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Did they send a new unit or a refurb?

Don’t know. How can you tell?

I am glad you got a replacement on warranty :+1:

I do not really know how to tell for sure if it is new, repaired, refurb, etc. What is the language in the warranty about repair, replacement with refurb, etc? They may reserve the right to send a refurbed or repaired unit, but not exercise the right, and send a “brand new” replacement.

If they sent the replacement in a sealed retail box, I would think that the unit is new and never used or repaired. But I can see where they might also send out new replacement units in “plain brown wrappers” to save money on packaging and also to prevent resale. Or the plain wrapper could indicate a refurbed unit. I am guessing.

Does anybody know about more about how the warranty and replacement side of the business works?

My two cents. The main issue when warranty replacement are “refurbs” is when they also come with reduced warranty. So, at least for me, as long as the warranty terms don’t change, I don’t necessarily care.

For example (non Tablo), if you bought an enterprise HDD with a 5 year warranty and after 3 years it fails, and you get a refurb HDD and the refurb drive comes with a 30 day warranty, you’re losing the original warranty terms.

So replace my “whatever”, just don’t nuke my warranty!!

Again, just my two cents.

It just don’t seem right that a vendor could supply the customer with a warranty replacement that itself does not have enough warranty to take you through the original warranty on the new product. Seems like some kind of breech of contract. But maybe in the fine print it says that by using the warranty you are giving up the right to certain claims.

But I’m just a jailhouse lawyer :grinning:

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I should say “big print warranty” vs. “fine print warranty”. Usually they have their bases covered. But I don’t like the practice.

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Yes it was in a new box and shrink wrapped.

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Good deal :+1: