No recordings on just one Roku

We have three Rokus and I do not see any of the recordings on just one of them.  I uninstalled the Tablo Roku channel hoping it would somehow clear the cache, no luck.  Any suggestions?

Which Roku is it? Have you tried power cycling the Roku? How is it connected to the router, wired or wireless?

Its a Roku 2 XD and I just unplugged it and plugged it back in again, no luck.

Just did a Factory Reset, still nothing…

@BoomerTheWeim Does it show all of your Live TV channels or scheduled information correctly?

It shows the live channels ok, but nothing scheduled or recorded.

This was actually a cache issue on my laptop.  No problems with Tablo


How was it a problem with your laptop? The Roku connects directly to the Tablo bypassing your computer, unless you’re running the Plex Tablo channel?

Chrome had the shows in cache, the Roku actually did not have the cache.