No Pictures on Fast Forward

I have a Table Duo OTA. I record the National Evening News every evening. Lately, I have been noticing that I frequently do not see pictures on Fast Forward, even after the Evening News has been over 20 min. or more.

What is problem? Do others see this problem? Would a direct connect Tablo do better?

Also, why do I have to wait until the show is over at all to see pictures on Fast Forward? My previous cable DVR gave me pictures on Fast Forward immediately.

Because the Tablo uses thumbnails to show images during FF, and they don’t get generated until after the show completes. The video processor used in the device can’t do them in real time.

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The legacy devices transcode mpeg2 to h.264. And since thumbnails are just the start of a Group of Pictures this doesn’t exist until the transcode is done. At that point the h.264 file is processed to extract GoP locations.

Of course this was all explained on the tablotv WEB site. But almost all the critical information about the legacy devices has been scrubbed.

99% of that information lives on the Support Portal now: