No OTA channels on Roku

New to Tablo, I just installed a gen 4, The firmware is up to date.
I get no OTA channels on my Roku TV in the Live menu. I do see a few OTA channels under Shows. I do have the gen 4 app and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

I do get OTA channels on my Android phone under the Live menu.

Any ideas on what else I can do on the Roku?

Thanks, Tim

I assume the channels are showing up as checked in the Roku settings menu. And did you add any of the channels using the Roku app?

Only Tablo scanned channels are in the list. All OTA channels are checked… I did uncheck most internet channels but they all show up in the Live list. No OTA channels were in the Live list before or after I unchecked internet channels.
I’d like to reiterate that the channel list is 100% correct on my phone. Only Roku is having an issue.

Let’s assume your Roku TV is not old and under powered. Or that the the problem may be fixed by the new Roku release(8.3) available after january 1st.

If you don’t want to wait to see if it’s fixed in 8.3. You can try to re-establish the channels using the android phone.

Exit the app on roku. use the Android phone to rescan and uncheck all channels except 1 OTA. save the scan. Close the android app and reboot the tablo. use the android to rescan and save the desired desired channels. So if they show up correctly on the roku TV.

It sounds as though the tablo app on the Roku is not being accessed. I will assume that you installed the Tablo app, the black one for the 4th Gen. I also assume that the antenna was connected to the antenna input to the Rokutv and was disconnected to connect to the Tablo box.

If you’re using the Live TV app on the Rokutv you will only see the streaming channels provided by Roku because you are not selecting the Tablo app. As a test, Scripps News ahould be the first streaming channel you should see.

astrojimbo, all of your assumptions are correct.

Zippy, I have a Tcl TV with a built in Roku. The software version in 12.5.0 build 4176.

While I was looking for my Roku version I noticed in the menu options there is a menu option under power and then system restart. I had powered off via the remote but I decided to try the menu system restart option. And everything is working fine now… Apparently turning the TV off doesn’t really reboot it and my channels are displaying correctly.

Thank you for your responses!

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That probably clears all the app data and causes it to be reloaded from the actual tablo unit. In the beginning of gen 4 I added a channel via the roku app and it messed up the surrounding OTA channels. has to use android to clean up the mess.

Glad to hear you’ve got your Tablo up and running.

You’re not alone when it comes to a sudden discovery of a restart option. Many Roku users have never done a reboot outside of an automatic system update. Often this is the simplest solution to an app acting up.

I don’t like how warm my rarely used Roku gets while on, so it’s powered by the TV. This way there’s a fresh boot every time I want to use it. (I think doing this with a Firestick fried an older TV, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take – and hopefully the WebOS version will be available soon and I can put the Roku back into storage.)