No new recordings

Been on 2.2.8 without issue for months. But my last recording was 5/9 – almost a week ago. The guide shows that it’s recording. But nothing shows up in recorded shows.


Check your drive connection to the Tablo. Also, what drive is it?

I had this problem once when my disk was full. I turned on the Autodelete option and it’s been as right as rain ever since.

So check if your disk is full and the what the setting is for the autodelete option.

I had this issue when I first got my Tablo. Ran fine for a week then stopped recording things. I had to unplug the unit and plug it back in and it’s been solid recording things since.

Pulled the power and it started recording again. Lost a week of recordings… Hopefully the next firmware fixes whatever the issue was.

Yeah, not sure about that. Like I said I had to do that too when I first got mine. Once I power cycled it haven’t had to touch it for about a month now.